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Orestes A. Brownson


Sketch at Acton Institute


New Views of Christianity, Society, and the Church (1836)
Works, Vol. IV, p. 1

Boston Quarterly Review (1838-1842), Editor

Charles Elwood: Or The Infidel Converted (1840)
Works, Vol. IV, p. 173

The Laboring Classes (1840)

The Mediatorial Life of Jesus (1842)
Works, Vol. IV, p. 140

Brownson's Quarterly Review (1844-1864, 1873-1875), Editor

In progress: Essays and Reviews: Chiefly on Theology, Politics,and Socialism (1852)

The Spirit-Rapper: An Autobiography (1854)
Works, Vol. IX, p. 1

The Convert: Or Leaves from My Experience (1857)
Works, Vol. V, p. 1

The American Republic: Constitution, Tendencies, and Destiny (1865)
Works, Vol. XVIII, p. 1

Conversation on Liberalism and the Church (1869)
Works, Vol. XIII, p. 1

The Works of Orestes A. Brownson 20 vol. (1882-1887), Henry F. Brownson, Ed.

Orestes A. Brownson's Early Works, edited by Patrick W. Carey

Selected Works


Orestes A. Brownson's ... Life by Henry F. Brownson (3 vol. 1898-1900)


Orestes Brownson and the Truth About America, by Peter Augustine Lawler
First Things, December 2002

Brownson's Quest for Social Justice, by Edward Day, C.SS.R.
The American Ecclesiastical Review (August 1954)

A Pilgrim's Progress: Orestes A. Brownson, by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. (1966)
earlier edition published as Orestes A. Brownson, A Pilgrim's Progress (1939)


Orestes Brownson Society

History Sources Online

Patrick W. Carey, Orestes A. Brownson: A Bibliography, 1826-1876 (1997)

Perspectives in American Literature: Early Nineteenth Century: Orestes Augustus Brownson, by Paul P. Reuben

For more information about Orestes Augustus Brownson (1803-1876) see the Catholic Encyclopedia (1913) and the University of Notre Dame Archives print and microfilm holdings.

The sketch of Orestes A. Brownson first appeared on Acton.org, a production of the Acton Institute (161 Ottawa NW, Suite 301, Grand Rapids, MI 49503), and is reprinted with permission.

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