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Outline of Great Books

Edited by
Sir J. A. Hammerton


This book lacks a table of contents, listing the all the books it digests in order and giving page numbers. This web page is intended to supply one.

The book does contain the table of subject sections which gives the page number at which each section starts, as follows:

Each subject section has a list of the works it contains, in order, but no page numbers are given. Set forth below is a list of each of the sections with the references to the works listed in the order set forth within the book but also giving the page numbers.

In place of the book's Index is a list of all the works outlined in the book listed alphabetically by author, if named, otherwise by title, and also giving page numbers.

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HERODOTUS, The History of Herodotus, p. 2

THUCYDIDES, The History of the Peloponnesian War, p.7

XENOPHON, Anabasis, p. 14

George GROTE, The History of Greece, p.19

SALLUST, Catiline, p. 23

Julius CAESAR, Commentaries of the Gallic War, p. 26

Flavius JOSEPHUS (A. D. 37-C. 100), The Antiquities of the Jews, p. 31

TACITUS, The Annals, p. 36

Flavius JOSEPHUS (A. D. 37-C. 100), The Wars of the Jews, p. 41

History of European Morals (1869), p. 46

Edward FREEMAN, History of the Norman Conquest, p. 51

Jean FROISSART, Chronicles of England, p. 57

Edward GIBBON, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, p. 62

Henry HALLAM Europe in the Middle Ages, p. 95

W. H. PRESCOTT, History of the Conquest of Mexico, p. 100

W. H. PRESCOTT, History of the Conquest of Peru, p. 104

Raphael HOLINSHED, The Chronicles of England, p. 110

J. L. MOTLEY, The Rise of the Dutch Republic, p. 115

J. A. FROUDE, A History of England, p. 121

Earl of CLARENDON, History of the Rebellion in England, p. 129

Lord MACAULEY, The History of England, p. 134

The Age of Louis XIV, p. 142
The Age of Louis XV, p. 149

Thomas CARLYLE, History of the French Revolution, p. 154

F. P. G. GUIZOT, History of Civilization in Europe, p. 161

H. T. BUCKLE, History of Civilization in England, p. 166

Walter BAGEHOT, The English Constitution, p. 171

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PLATO (c. 427-347 B. C.)
The Apology, p. 178
The Republic, p. 181
The Symposium, p. 188

ARISTOTLE (384-322 B. C.)
The Ethics, p. 191
The Politics, p. 198

EPICTETUS (c. A. D. 60-C.138)
Discourses and
Encheiredion, p. 204

MARCUS Aurelius (121-180), Meditations, p. 209

BOETHIUS (474-525), Consolation of Philosophy, p. 215

Sir Thomas MORE, Utopia (1516), p. 219

MACHIAVELLI, The Prince (1532), p. 223

Francis BACON, Advancement of Learning (1605), p. 226

Robert BURTON, Anatomy of Melancholy (1621), p. 229

Hugo GROTIUS, Rights of War and Peace (1625), p. 233

Rene DESCARTES, Discourse on Method (1637), p. 239

Thomas HOBBES, Leviathan (1651), p. 244

Baruch de SPINOZA, Ethics (1677), p. 249

John LOCKE, Essay Concerning Human Understanding (1690), p. 252

George BERKELEY, Principles of Human Knowledge (1710), p. 256

Jean Jacques ROUSSEAU, The Social Contract (1726), p. 259

David HUME, Essays, Moral and Political (1741), p. 263

Edmund BURKE, The Sublime and the Beautiful (1756), p. 268

Adam SMITH, Wealth of Nations (1776), p. 273

Immanuel KANT
Critique of Pure Reason (1781), p. 278
Critique of Practical Reason (1788), p. 282

Jeremy BENTHAM, Principles of Morals and Legislation (1789), p. 286

Edmund BURKE
Reflections on the Revolution in France (1790), p. 292

Thomas PAINE
The Rights of Man (1790, 1792), p. 297
The Age of Reason (1794), p. 301

Thomas Robert MALTHUS, On the Principle of Population (1798), p. 306

Johann Gottlieb FICHTE, The Vocation of Man (1800), p. 311

Arthur SCHOPENHAUER, The World as Will and Idea (1819), p. 315

Samuel Taylor COLERIDGE, Aids to Reflection (1825), p. 319

Auguste COMTE, A Course of Positive Philosophy (1830-42), p. 322

G. W. F. HEGEL, The Philosophy of Religion (1832), p. 328

Thomas CARLYLE, Sartor Resartus (1833-34), p. 333

John Stuart MILL
A System of Logic (1843), p. 337
Principles of Political Economy (1848), p. 342
On Liberty (1859), p. 347

Herbert SPENCER, First Principles (1862), p. 351

John Stuart MILL, Utilitarianism (1863), p. 356

W. E. H. LECKY, Rise and Influence of Rationalism in Europe (1865), p. 360

Friedrich Wilhelm NIETZSCHE, Thus Spake Zarathustra (1883-84), p. 366

Herbert SPENCER, Principles of Ethics (1879-93), p. 371

Max Simon NORDAU, Degeneration (1893), p. 376

Frederick W. H. MYERS, Human Personality (1903), p. 381

History Philosophy Science Religion Poetry Biography Travel Miscellaneous Index


William HARVEY, On the Motion of the Heart and Blood (1628), p. 388

GALILEO Galilei, Dialogue of the Two Greatest Systems of the World (1632), p. 392

Sir Isaac NEWTON, Principles of Philosophy (1637), p. 396

Comte de BUFFON, Natural History (1749-89), p. 401

Jean Baptiste de LAMARCK, Zoological Philosophy (1809), p. 405

Sir Humphry DAVY, Elements of Chemical Philosophy (1812), p. 410

Georges CUVIER, The Surface of the Globe (1825), p. 414

Sir Charles LYELL, Principles of Geology (1830-33), p. 418

Charles DARWIN, The Voyage of H. M. S. Beagle (1845), p. 422

Alexander von HUMBOLDT, Cosmos (1845-47), p. 427

Sir John HERSCHEL, Outlines of Astronomy (1849), p. 432

Charles DARWIN, On the Origin of Species (1859), p. 437

Michael FARADAY, The Chemical History of a Candle (1860-61), p. 446

Herbert SPENCER, Principles of Biology (1864-67), p. 450

Karl MARX, Capital: A Critical Analysis (1867), p. 455

Ernst HAECKEL, The Evolution of Man (1874), p. 460

Sir Francis GALTON, Inquiries into Human Faculty and Its Development (1883), p. 465

Auguste FOREL, The Senses of Insects (1900), p. 470

Ernst HAECKEL, The Riddle of the Universe (1901), p. 474

William BATESON, Mendel's Principles of Heredity (1902), p. 479

Albert EINSTEIN, Relativity (1905-15), p. 483

Sigmund FREUD, Psycho-analysis (1922), p. 488

Sir Arthur KEITH, The Antiquity of Man (1925), p. 495

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PLOTINUS (A. D. 205-269), The Enneads, p. 502

Saint AUGUSTINE, Confessions (c. 397), p. 505

Thomas a KEMPIS, The Imitation of Christ (c. 1420), p. 510

Jean CALVIN, The Institution of the Christian Religion (1536), p. 514

GALILEO Galilei, The Authority of Scripture (1614), p. 517

Johann Amos COMENIUS, The Labyrinth of the World (c. 1622), p. 521

Sir Thomas BROWNE, Religio Medici (1643), p. 524

The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living (1650), p. 528
The Rule and Exercises of Holy Dying (1651), p. 532

Letters to a Provincial (1656-57), p. 536
Thoughts (1670), p. 540

Francois de FENELON, The Existence of God (1686), p. 544

Joseph BUTLER, The Analogy of Religion (1736), p. 549

Emanuel SWEDENBORG, Heaven and Hell (1758), p. 553

William PALEY, Views of the Evidences of Christianity (1794), p. 556

Ludwig Andreas FEUERBACH, The Essence of Christianity (1841), p. 560

John Henry NEWMAN, Apologia pro Vita Sua (1864), p. 565

Sir John Robert SEELEY, Ecce Homo (1865), p. 569

Leo TOLSTOY, My Confession (1888), p. 575

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Iliad, p. 580
Odyssey, p. 585

PINDAR (c. 522-443 B.C.), Odes of Victory, p. 592

LUCRETIUS (c. 98-55 B. C.), On the Nature of Things, p. 598

CATULLUS (c. 87-54 B. C.), Poems, p. 604

HORACE (35-8 B. C.), Poems, p. 607

VIRGIL, Aeneid (19 B. C.), p. 615

OVID, The Metamorphoses (c. A. D. 10), p. 625

Epigrams (80-c. 104), p. 631
Epitaphs (80-c. 104), p. 631
Poems (80-c. 104), p. 631

JUVENAL, Satires (100-140), p. 634

DANTE Alighieri, The Divine Comedy (c. 1321), p. 640

PETRARCH, Verses to My Lady Laura (1337), p. 649

Geoffrey CHAUCER, The Canterbury Tales (c. 1390), p. 655

Francois VILLON, The Great Testament (1461), p. 663

Torquato TASSO, Jerusalem Delivered (1580), p. 668

Edmund SPENSER, The Faerie Queen (1599), p. 673

William SHAKESPEARE, The Sonnets (1609), p. 679

Robert HERRICK, Hesperides and Noble Numbers (1649), p. 687

Samuel BUTLER, Hudibras (1663-78), p. 691

John MILTON, Paradise Lost (1667), p. 695

John DRYDEN, Absalom and Achitophel (1681), p. 708

Alexander POPE, An Essay on Man (1733-34), p. 714

Robert BURNS, Poems (1759-96), p. 720

William COWPER, The Task (1785), p. 724

Thomas CAMPBELL, The Pleasures of Hope (1799), p. 729

George CRABBE, The Parish Register (1807), p. 734

Sir Walter SCOTT, The Lady of the Lake (1810), p. 739

Lord BYRON, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (1812), p. 743

William WORDSWORTH, The Excursion (1814), p. 748

John KEATS, Endymion (1818), p. 754

Percy Bysshe SHELLEY, The Revolt of Islam (1818), p. 760

Lord BYRON, Don Juan (1819-24), p. 765

Philip James BAILEY, Festus: A Poem (1839), p. 771

Alfred, Lord TENNYSON, In Memoriam (1850), p. 778

Walt WHITMAN, Leaves of Grass (1855), p. 782

Alfred, Lord TENNYSON, Idylls of the King (1859), p. 788

Christina Georgina ROSSETTI, Goblin Market and Other Poems (1847-93), p. 796

Algernon Charles SWINBURNE, Atalanta in Calydon (1865), p. 802

Robert BROWNING, The Ring and the Book (1868-69), p. 807

James THOMSON, The City of Dreadful Night (1874), p. 813

Dante Gabriel ROSSETTI, Sonnets (1880), p. 817

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Flavius JOSEPHUS (A. D. 37-C. 100), Autobiography, p. 823

PLUTARCH, Parallel Lives (c. 101), p. 827

Benvenuto CELLINI (1500-1571), Life of Benvenuto Cellini, p. 832

Lord HERBERT of Cherbury (1581-1648), Autobiography, p. 838

John EVELYN (1620-1706), Evelyn's Diary, p. 843

Samuel PEPYS (1659-69), The Diary of Samuel Pepys, p. 848

Francois de LA ROCHEFOUCAULD, Memoirs (1662), p. 853

Lucy HUTCHINSON, Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson (1664-67), p. 858

John BUNYAN, Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners (1666), p. 863

George FOX, George Fox's Journal, p. 868

Richard BAXTER, Richard Baxter's Narrative (1696), p. 872

John WESLEY, Journal (1735-90), p. 876

Count de MIRABEAU (1749-91), Memoirs, p. 881

Madame de STAAL, Memoirs (c. 1755), p. 886

John WOOLMAN, Journal of Life and Times (1774), p. 890

Johann Wolfgang von GOETHE, Poetry and Truth from My Own Life (1775), p. 893

Jean Jacques ROUSSEAU, Confessions (1782), p. 898

James BOSWELL, The Life of Samuel Johnson (1791), p. 903

Edward GIBBON, Memoirs of His Life (1796), p. 916

Robert SOUTHEY, The Life of Nelson (1813), p. 921

Benjamin FRANKLIN, The Life of Benjamin Franklin (1817), p. 925

Thomas DE QUINCEY, Confessions of an English Opium Eater (1821), p. 930

Jean Paul RICHTER, Autobiography (1825), p. 935

John Gibson LOCKHART, The Life of Robert Burns (1828), p. 940

Thomas MOORE, The Life, Letters and Journals of Lord Byron (1830), p. 946

Johann Peter ECKERMANN, Conversations with Goethe (1836), p. 952

John Gibson LOCKHART, Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott (1836-38), p. 957

Fanny BURNEY, Diary and Letters of Mme. D'Arblay (1842-46), p. 963

Vicomte de CHATEAUBRIAND, Memoirs from Beyond the Grave (1849-50), p. 968

Leigh HUNT, Autobiography (1850), p. 972

Alexandre DUMAS, Memoirs (1852-54), p. 977

Leo TOLSTOY, Childhood, Boyhood and Youth (1853), p. 982

Elizabeth Cleghorn GASKELL, The Life of Charlotte Bronte (1857), p. 985

Thomas CARLYLE, Frederick the Great (1858-65), p. 991

Ernst RENAN, The Life of Jesus (1863), p. 998

John RUSKIN, Praeterita (1886-88), p. 1005

Herbert SPENCER, Autobiography (1904), p. 1009

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Marco POLO (c. 1254-1324), The Travels of Marco Polo, A Venetian, p. 1016

Richard HAKLUYT, The Principall Navigations of the English Nation (1589), p. 1021

Samuel PURCHAS, Purchas, His Pilgrimes (1625), p. 1025

Willaim DAMPIER, A New Voyage Round the World (1697), p. 1029

VOLTAIRE, Philosophic Letters on the English (1734), p. 1034

Laurence STERNE, A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy (1768), p. 1038

Captain James COOK, Voyages of Discovery (1768-84), p. 1043

Bernardin be SAINT PIERRE, Voyage to the Isle of France (1773), p. 1048

James BOSWELL, Journal of a Tour of the Hebrides (1785), p. 1051

Arthur YOUNG, Travels in France (1792), p. 1056

LINNAEUS, A Tour in Lapland (1811), p. 1056

Willaim COBBETT, Rural Rides (1830), p. 1064

Richard Henry DANA, Two Years Before the Mast (1840), p. 1068

George BORROW, The Bible in Spain (1834), p. 1073

Alexander William KINGLAKE, Eothen (1844), p. 1079

Alfred Russel WALLACE, Narrative of Travels on the Amazon and Rio Negro (1853), p. 1084

Sir Richard BURTON, A Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah (1855), p. 1088

Paul du CHAILLU, Equatorial Africa (1861), p. 1094

John Hanning SPEKE, Discovery of the Source of the Nile (1863), p. 1100

James Augustus GRANT, A Walk Across Africa (1863), p. 1105

Mark TWAIN, Innocents Abroad (1869), p. 1110

W. H. HUDSON, The Naturalist in La Plata (1892), p. 1115

Pierre LOTI, The Desert (1894), p. 1122

Felix DUBOIS, Timbuctoo the Mysterious (1897), p. 1125

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AESOP (c. 620-560 B. C.), The Fables of Aesop, p. 1132

On the Crown (330 B. C.), p. 1136
The Philippics (351-341 B. C.), p. 1140

Marcus Tullius CICERO
Concerning Friendship (43 B. C.), p. 1144
Concerning Old Age (43 B. C.), p. 1148

SENECA (c. 4 B. C.-A. D. 65), On Benefits, p. 1151

QUINTILIAN (c. A. D. 35-97), The Institutes of Oratory, p. 1156

LUCIAN (120-180), Dialogues, p. 1160

ERASMUS, The Praise of Folly (1509), p. 1164

Martin LUTHER, Table Talk (1566), p. 1168

MONTAIGNE, Essays (1581, 1588), p. 1172

Izaak WALTON, The Compleat Angler (1653), p. 1172

Francois de LA ROCHEFOUCAULD, Maxims (1665), p. 1181

Cardinal RICHELIEU, Political Testament (1687), p. 1186

Jean de LA BRUYERE, Characters (1688), p. 1191

John SELDEN, Table Talk (1689),. p. 1195

BOSSUET, Funeral Orations (1689), p. 1197

William PENN, Some Fruits of Solitude (1693), p. 1201

Daniel DEFOE, Journal of the Plague Year (1722), p. 1205

Gotthold Ephraim LESSING, Laocoon (1766), p. 1209

Gilbert WHITE, The Natural History of Selborne (1789), p. 1212

Samuel Taylor COLERIDGE, Biographia Literaria (1817), p. 1217

William HAZLITT, Lectures on the English Poets (1818), p. 1222

Charles LAMB, Essays of Elia (1823), p. 1227

Walter Savage LANDOR, Imaginary Conversations (1824-29), p. 1231

Samuel Taylor COLERIDGE, Table Talk (1835), p. 1235

Henry HALLAM, Introduction to the Literature of Europe (1837-39), p. 1239

Thomas CARLYLE, On Heroes and Hero-Worship (1841), p. 1244

Henry David THOREAU, Walden, or Life in the Woods (1854), p. 1249

Ralph Waldo EMERSON, English Traits (1856), p. 1253

Oliver Wendell HOLMES, The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table (1857), p. 1257

John BROWN, Horae Subsecivae (1859), p. 1262

Eugenie de GUERIN, Journal (1861), p. 1266

Matthew ARNOLD, Literature and Dogma (1873), p. 1270

Henri Frederic AMIEL, Fragments of an Intimate Journal (1882), p. 1274

William MORRIS, A Dream of John Ball (c. 1885), p. 1279

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