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Great Books Without Borders by Francis X. Rocca, American Prowler, January 24, 2003

The topless sunbather and the Libyan hedgehog: The topless sunbather used to serve as a kind of hedgehog to clear the beach of dirt-producing creatures. Her power to frighten away has waned, Ranier Fsadni laments. Sunday Circle, September 2001.

Riding along with the Internet Bookmobile: Angered by a law that extends copyright terms for 20 years, a crusader named Brewster Kahle wants to use the Internet to make books available to everyone. By Richard Koman, Salon, October 9, 2002.

Think You Have a Book in You? Think Again, says Joseph Epstein, in The New York Times, September 28, 2002.

Bribes, threats and naked readings. By Christopher Dreher. In a world where more and more new books get less and less attention, authors will do anything to promote their work.

Reading is a dish best served alone, by Geeta Sharma-Jensen.

Throw out all my old books? I don't have the spine, by Ian Jack, from the Saturday May 4, 2002 issue of the Guardian

The Lure of the Unfathomable, by Margaret Werthem, from the Los Angeles Times, January 13, 2002.

2001 Was a Tough Read for E-Books, by M.J. Rose, from Wired, December 25, 2001

The Incredible Vanishing Book Review by Kevin Berger.

The E-Book Market: Hot or Just Lukewarm? By Anne Ramstetter Wenzel.

Old trouble at Alexandria's new library. By Helena Smith, Guardian, October 16, 2002

The Mighty River of Classics: Tradition and Innovation in Modern Education, by Camille Paglia. 2002.02.02

Tense Present: Democracy, English, and the Wars over Usage, by David Foster Wallace. 2001.09.17

On the New British Library at St. Pancras, by Peter Campbell. 2001.02.12

Poetry Now and the Space We Live In, by Samuel Hux. 2001.02.05

The Last of His Kind, by Pankaj Mishra. Chaudhuri

New Charter of Athens, 1998: European Council of Town Plannersí Principles for Planning Cities. 2001.01.22

Scrappy Days, by Thomas Mallon. Review of My Life as Author and Editor, by H. L. Mencken. 2001.01.22

Poetry for Dummies: I was aware that the poetry industry had gone through a number of software upgrades since I last twirled an "oftimes." by Frederica Mathewes-Green. 2001.01.08

Narcissus as Narcissus, by Allen Tate; from Reason in Madness. 2001.01.08

Dante's Canto XIII: The Wood of the Suicides; translated and introduced by Robert Pinsky. 2001.01.01

Studying the arts and humanities: What can be done? by Hilton Kramer. 2001.01.01

Choosing a Library, by Rachel Cohen: review of The Selected Letters of Mark Twain, edited by Charles Neider, and Why Read the Classics? by Italo Calvino, edited by Esther Calvino and translated by Martin McLaughlin. 2001.01.01

The Future of the Book (A four part series). 2001.01.01

Reader's Block: So many books, so little patience, by Jeff Dyer. 2001.01.01


The Gay Invention: Homosexuality Is a Linguistic as Well as a Moral Error, by R. V. Young, Touchstone

The true cost of imperialism, review by Anatol Lieven of Colossus: the rise and fall of the American empire, by Niall Ferguson, The Tablet

A Righteous People in a Righteous Cause: The Progressive Clergy and American Intervention, 1917-1918, ISI Forum, Febuary 2004

The power of James Burnham, by Roger Kimball, New Criterion, September 2002

We the People: Israel Reads 'The Federalist': A Jerusalem Parley Considers America's Constitutional Model, by Michel Ehrlich and Sarah Zebaida, Forward, March 7, 2003

A Mills Revival? by Stanley Aronowitz, Logos Journal, Summer 2003

Naturalist of the Public Nightmare, by Kenneth Rexroth; review of Hurrah for Anything and When We Were Here Together, by Kenneth Patchen. 2002.03.17

Rigoberta Menchu and the Story of all Poor Guatemalans, by David Stoll. Reviewed by Gavan Tredoux 2002.02.02

The Idea of the West, by David Gress. 2002.01.06

Fundamentalism, by Walter Laquer. Review of Enemy in the Mirror, by Roxanne L. Euben, Jihad, by Gilles Kepel, and Legacy of the Prophet, by Anthony Shadid. 2001.10.11

The Road Not Taken, by Joseph Baldacchino. A review of Irving Babbitt, Literature, and the Democratic Culture, by Milton Hindus, and The Higher Learning in America, by Robert Maynard Hutchins.2001.10.04

Taliban in Afghanistan, by Syed Rahmatullah Hashimi. 2001.10.02

The People and the Press: Whose views shape the news? by Thomas B. Edsall. 2001.09.09

On the Sovereignty of the People, by Benjamin Constant. 2001.05.28

The Population Implosion, by Nicholas Eberstadt. 2001.03.12

Francis Boyer Lecture, by Clarence Thomas. 2001.03.05

Marc Bloch: Isralite de France, by Hal Goldman. 2001.02.26

Relationship Between the Stock & Bond Market, by Franco Modigliani. 2001.02.05

Geometry: tools for a changing world, by Laurie E. Bass; review by David E. Joyce. 2001.01.22

Measuring Globalization: The A.T. Kearney/Foreign Policy Magazine Globalization Index TM. 2001.01.22

Divorce and the Family in America, by Christopher Lasch. 2001.01.15

The Jury System: An Overview, by Kenneth Jost. 2001.01.15

Our Western Predicament: A Voegelinian Perspective on Modernity, by Ellis Sandoz. 2001.01.08

State Medical Boards and the Politics of Public Protection by Carl F. Ameringer; reviewed by Jay A. Gold. 2001.01.08

The Limits of Teledemocracy, by Michael Schudson. 2001.01.01

The Robber Baronsí Bum Rap, by Maury Klein. 2001.01.01

Must Our Judges Be Philosophers? Can They Be Philosophers? by Ronald Dworkin. 2001.01.01

Constitutional History of the American Revolution, by John Phillip Reid (Abridged Edition); reviewed by Kermit L. Hall. 2001.01.01

Democrats and Catholics, by Margaret O'Brien Steinfels. 2001.01.01

The Interruption of History: It is typical of much of contemporary history that it fails to distinguish the significant from the insignificant. Alan Hudson discusses the development of historiography and challenges current trends. 2001.01.01

American Conservatism 1945-1995, by Irving Kristol. 2001.01.01

Teaching in a Multicultural Context: Lessons from Singapore, by Daniel A. Bell. 2001.01.01

How School Choice Helps Public Schools, by John Gardner. 2001.01.01


Alan Turing: a snapshot, TPM Online, February 2004

Very big bombs and rockets: Armageddon for real, by Dwayne A. Day, Space Online, July 4, 2000

1993 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, at the symposium "The New Antievolutionism," speech by Professor Michael Ruse, February 13, 1993

A Cold New World: The Hubble Space Telescope has measured the diameter of a distant world more than half the size of Pluto. NASA, October 9, 2002

Reaching for well-being: Yoga may benefit mind, body, by Carol Berres. 2002.04.07

Lawrence Wilkinson's IBM 360/30 Saga. 2002.04.07

Milankovitch Cycles in Paleoclimate, by Scott Rutherford. 2001.12.30

Why Open Content Matters, by Bryan Pfaffenberger. 2001.09.09

Flight of the Valkyrie: the North American Aviation XB-70, by Steven Levin. 2001.04.04

Nupedia and Project Gutenberg Directors Answer. 2001.03.12

Doug Stewart interviews Herbert A. Simon on Thinking Machines. 2001.03.05

Why Babe Ruth is Greatest Home-Run Hitter, by Hugh S. Fullerton. 2001.03.05

Interplanetary Seasons. 2001.02.26

The Four Color Theorem, a new proof by Neil Robertson, et al. 2001.02.19

Solved at Last: Fundamental Problem of Quantum Physics, by Jon Bashor and Paul Preuss. 2001.02.12

Wheels in the Sky, by Patrick Berry. 2001.02.05

British Medical Journal wins an Ig Nobel prize, Annabel Ferriman. 2001.02.05

Ecology: The New Sacred Agenda, by Al Gore. 2001.01.29

Will physicists ever be able to join up their theories of very small things and very big ones? Lee Smolin and John Maddox lock horns in the quest for quantum gravity. 2001.01.08

Land of giant elements 2, by Karl S. Kruszelnicki. 2001.01.08

Does Dolly have old age on the lamb? by Wil McCarthy. 2001.01.08

Illness and Culture in the Postmodern Age by David B Morris; reviewed by Iona Heath. 2001.01.08

The Looking-Glass War: Why don't we see ourselves upside down in the mirror? by Jim Holt. 2001.01.01

2001: A Scorecard: How close are we to building HAL? Iím sorry, Dave, Iím afraid we canít do that, by Gary Stix. 2001.01.01

The Java Theory, by James Fallows. 2001.01.01

The Self-Reproducing Inflationary Universe, by Andrei Linde. 2001.01.01

"The Optiverse" and Other Sphere Eversions, by John M. Sullivan. 2001.01.01

Millennium Prize Problems in mathematics. 2001.01.01

The Fable of the Keys, by S. J. Leibowitz and Stephen E. Margolis. 2001.01.01


The Usual Homily: A generic homily for all occasions, by Fr. Phil Bloom

Bloodless Means: Public Safety, Capital Punishment, and the Pope, by Norris Archer Harrington, Crisis, October 1999

In Sickness and in Health: The past and future of Christian Science. By Jana Riess, Books & Culture, September/October 2002.

Police Must Notify Residents When Catholic Church Moves Into Neighborhood: Controversial "Egan's Law" Expected to Gain Widespread Support. 2002.04.07

The Catholic Situation, by Amy Wellborn, 2002.04.07, replying to

The Culture of "Dissent": A Good Friday Meditation, by Michael Novak. 2002.04.07

Crossroads, by Charlotte Allen. 2002.03.17

Protestant Patriarch: The Life of Cyril Lucaris (1572-1638); Patriarch of Constantinople, by George A. Hadjiantoniou. Reviewed by Glanville Downey. 2001.09.22

The Myth of the "Calvinist Patriarch," by Archbishop Chrysostomos of Etna. 2001.09.22

Causes of Death of Philosophers. 2001.06.16

Where are the Bees? by Carol Zaleski. 2001.05.28

What is Creationism? by Mark Isaak. 2001.05.28

Rise of Pietism in 17th Century Germany, by Ronald J. Gordon. 2001.05.28

The Late, Great St. Ignatius Institute, by Tom Hoopes. 2001.03.05

Review of A Still, Small Voice, by Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel. 2001.02.19

Why I Didn't Endorse "The Gospel of Jesus Christ: An Evangelical Celebration" -- even though I wasn't asked to, by Robert H. Gundry. 2001.12.12

The Improbability of God, by Richard Dawkins. 2001.02.05

Irving Babbitt and Postmodernity: Amplitude and Intensity, by Michael A. Weinstein. 2001.01.29

An Open Letter to the Conservative Clergy of the Diocese of Colorado, by Ephraim Radner. 2001.01.12

Away with the Manger: Scholars tackle the Historical Jesus, by Charlotte Allen. 2001.01.01

Fides et Ratio: Encyclical Letter of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Relationship of Faith and Reason. 2001.01.01

The Great Stone Face and Other Nonmysteries, by Martin Gardner. 2001.01.01

The problem of evil, by Roy A. Jackson. 2001.01.01

The Case Against the Codes: Does the Bible contain coded messages from God? by Barry Simon. 2001.01.01


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