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Books read subsequent to 2017 are entered at my Goodreads page. Any books read prior to 2018 which have been since recorded at Goodreads are indicated on the list below by [g] before the title.
C’mere, Kitty: A Cat Lover’s Guide to Pestering Your Pet, by Alan Katz; New York, New York: Avon Books 1998; 038079831X
How to Be the Man of Your Wife’s Dreams ... And Not Her Worst Nightmare; Tulsa, Oklahoma: Trade Life Books 1995; 0881441864
2017-08-20 (eclipse eve) Moors Resort & Marina, Gilbertsville, Kentucky
[g] The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination by Jacob Bronowski; New Haven, CT, Yale University Press 1978; 0300024096 (review by Harris Pastides at Yale J Biol Med. 1978 Sep-Oct; 51(5): 589)
2017-07-16 Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, Huntington, New York
Letters from Lake Como: Explorations in Technology and the Human Race (Die Technik und der Mensch: Briefe von Comer See), by Romano Guardini, translated by Geoffrey W. Bromiley; Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company 1994; 9780802801081
The Spirit of the Liturgy (Vom Geist der Liturgie, 1918), by Romano Guardini, translated by Ada Lane, edited by Paul A. Boer, Sr. (1935) [Kindle]
Joseph and Aseneth, edited by H. F. D. Sparks [Kindle]
The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs [Kindle]
Testament of Job, translated by M. R. James, Apocrypha Anecdota (1897) [Kindle]
Life of Adam and Eve, from The Apocrypha and Pseudepigraphica of the Old Testament, by R. H. Charles (1913) [Kindle]
Apocalypse of Abraham [Kindle]
2 Baruch, or Apocalypse of Baruch [Kindle]
Sibylline Oracles, Book III [Kindle]
Resisting Happiness, by Matthew Kelly, Erlanger, Kentucky: Beacon Publishing 2016; 978-1942611912 (reviews)
2017-03-17 Carnegie Hall, New York, New York
Dream of the Song, by George Benjamin (b. 1960), texts by Ibn Gabirol (c. 1021 - 1050 or 1070) and Samuel HaNagid (993 - after 1056), trans. Peter Cole; and Federica Garcia Lorca (1898 - 1936), performed by Bejun Mehta, Countertenor, and Lorelei Ensemble, Beth Willer, Artistic Director, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Andris Nelsons, Conductor
The Assumption of Moses; or, The Testament of Moses [Kindle]
Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, by Carlo Rovelli, translated by Simon Carnell and Erica Segre; New York, NY: Riverhead Books 2016; 9780399184413 (reviews)
The Art of War by Sun Tzu, translated by Lionel Giles; Internet Classics Archive [Kindle]
Beautiful Mercy: Experiencing God's Unconditional Love So We Can Share It With Others; Beacon Publishing 2015; 9781942611578
Manifesto of the Communist Party (1847) by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, translated by Samuel Moore (1888)
"Estranged Labor" from Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 (1932) by Karl Marx, translated by Martin Milligan (1959)
Discourse on the Origin and the Foundations of Inequality Among Men, by Jean-Jacques Rousseau [Kindle]
Concerning Civil Government, Second Essay by John Locke
The Second Treatise of Civil Government, by John Locke [Kindle]
Painting as a Pastime, by Winston S. Churchill; New York, NY: Whittlesey House, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. 1950; from Amid these Storms; New York, NY: Charles Scriber's Sons 1932
2016-06-29 Washington Island, Wisconsin
The Catholic Classics, by Dinesh D'Souza; Huntington, IN: Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Division 1986; 0879735457
Lives of the Caesars, by Suetonius; translated by Catherine Edwards; Oxford, England: Oxford University Press 2008; 9788199537563
The Golden Assz: The transformations of Lucius Apuleius, and the rites of Isis by Apuleius; translated by A. S. Kline (2013); Poetry in Translation
Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge "Only a Poor Old Man", by Carl Barks; Seattle, WA: Fantagraphics Books Inc., third printing 2015; 9781606995358
Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge "The Seven Cities of Gold, by Carl Barks; Seattle, WA: Fantagraphics Books Inc., second printing 2015; 9781606997956
The Aeneid, by Virgil; translated by Robert Fitzgerald; New York, New York: Vintage Classics 1990; 0679729526;
Rediscover Jesus: An Invitation, by Matthew Kelly, Erlanger, KY: The Dynamic Catholic Institute, First Edition, 2015; 9781942611202
Agamemnon, by Aeschylus; translated by David Mulroy; Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press 2016; 9780299306342;
2015-11-24 Emirates flight 235 Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to Chicago, Illinois
Fermat's Last Theorem: Unlocking the Secret of an Ancient Mathematical Problem (1996) by Amir D. Azcel; New York, NY: Dell Publishing 1997; 0385319460
2015-11-24 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Maigret in Holland (Un Crime en Hollande 1940) by Georges Simonon; translated by Geoffrey Sainsbury; Orlando, FL: Harcourt, Inc. 1993; 0156028522
"Strangers", by Irving Howe [Kindle]
2015-11-23 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Biology as Ideology: The Doctrine of DNA by R. C. Lewontin; New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. 1993; First U.S. edition; 0060975199
Works and Days, by Hesiod, translated by Hugh D. Evelyn White (1914) [Kindle]
Iliad by Homer; translated by Stanley Lombardo; Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. 1997; 0872203530
The Case for Islamo-Christian Civilization, by Richard W. Bulliet; New York, NY: Columbia University Press 2004; 0231127960; ex lib. Franklin Public Library
2015-08-04 Wautoma, Wisconsin
The Road to Wigan Pier, by George Orwell (1937) [Kindle]
Science Was Born of Christianity: The Teaching of Fr. Stanley L. Jaki, by Stacy Trasancos; Titusville, FL: The Habitation of Chimham Publishing Company 2014; 9780989969611
2015-06-29 Melville, New York
Laudato si': On the care for our common home by Pope Francis; Rome, Italy: Libreria Editrice Vaticana, June 18th 2015
2015-06-25 Melville, New York
Truth in Religion: The Plurality of Religions and the Unity of Truth; An Essay in the Philosophy of Religion by Mortimer J. Adler; New York, NY: Macmillan Publishing Company 1990; 0025002252
How to Think About God: A Guide for the 20th-Century Pagan by Mortimer J. Adler; New York, NY: Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc. 1980; 0025005405; signed by the author
Carl Barks' Duck: Average American, by Peter Schilling Jr.; Minneapolis, MN: Uncivilized Books, First Edition 2014; 9780988901407
The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, by Matthew Kelly, Boston, MA: Beacon Publishing; 2nd edition (January 3, 2013); 978-1937509668
[G} The Dream of a Democratic Culture: Mortimer J. Adler and the Great Books Idea, by Tim Lacy; New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013; 9780230337466
Would You Kill the Fat Man? The Trolley Problem and What Your Answer Tells Us about Right and Wrong by David Edmonds; Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2014; 9780691154022
Judgments on History and Historians, by Jacob Burckhardt, edited by Alberto R. Coll, Indianapolis, IN: Liberty Fund, 1999 [Kindle]
On the Proclamation of the Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium), by Francis [Kindle]
Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Follwoing Jesus, by Sherry A. Weddell; Huntington, IN: Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Division, 2012; 9781612785905
The War Against Grammar, by David Mulroy; Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/Cook Publishers, Inc. 2003; 0867095512
Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous (3rd edition 1734) in Philosophical Writings, by George Berkeley; edited by Desmond M. Clarke; New York, NY: Cambridge University Press 2009; 9780521881357
A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge (2nd edition 1734) in Philosophical Writings, by George Berkeley; edited by Desmond M. Clarke; New York, NY: Cambridge University Press 2009; 9780521881357 [Kindle]
An Essay towards a New Theory of Vision (3rd edition 1732) in Philosophical Writings, by George Berkeley; edited by Desmond M. Clarke; New York, NY: Cambridge University Press 2009; 9780521881357 [Kindle]
2014-08-18 Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Life of Pi, by Yann Martel; Orlando, FL: Harcourt, Inc. 2001 First U.S. Edition; 0156027321
"'So tell me, since it makes no factual difference to you and you can't prove the question either way, which story do you prefer? Which is the better story, the story with animals or the story without animals?'" (p. 317)
2014-06-26 La Pointe, Wisconsin
The World According to Peter Drucker, by Jack Beatty; New York, NY: The Free Press 1998; 068483801X
"In Drucker's neo-organic theory the invisible conscience takes the place of the invisible hand: the property owner, the man or woman of business, the managers of the modern enterprise must consciously 'assume responsibility for the public good' and 'restrain their self-interest and their authority wherever their exercise would infringe upon the commonweal and upon the freedom of the individual.'" (p. 107)
Watchmen (1986-1987), by Alan Moore, illustrated by Dave Gibbons; New York, NY: DC Comics 2005; 9780930289232
2014-05-21 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, by John le Carre; New York, NY: Bantam Books 1975
"We have to live without sympathy, don't we? That's impossible, of course. We act it to one another, all this business; but we aren't like that really. I mean ... one can't be out in the cold all the time; one has to come in from the cold ... do you see what I mean?"
An Abstract of A Treatise of Human Nature, by David Hume [Kindle]
10 Books That Screwed Up the World: And 5 Others That Didn't Help, by Benjamin Wiker; Washington, DC: Regnery Publishing 2008; 9781596980556
"To save the world from political impotence, Machiavelli would have us embrace effective brutality. To save the world from skepticism, Descartes would have us become both more skeptical and more prideful. To save the world from industrial oppression, Marx and Lenin would have us annihilate half the world in revolution. To save the world from disease, poverty, and every social ill, Margaret Sanger and Adolf Hitler would have us eliminate the hordes of 'unfit'. To save the world from male oppression, Betty Friedan would have women kill their offspring." (page 228)
Sign of Contradiction (Segno di Contraddizione, 1977), by Karol Wojytla (Pope John Paul II); New York, NY: The Seabury Press 1979; 081640433X
75 Classical Myths: Condensed from Their Primary Sources, by David Mulroy; San Diego, CA: Cognella 2012; 9781609270346
2013-11-20 Barcelona, Spain
"Critique of the Doctrine of Inalienable, Natural Rights", from Anarchcial Fallacies, by Jeremy Bentham [Kindle]
"Long Telegram", by “X” (George Kennan) February 22, 1946 [Kindle]
2013-11-18 Chicago, Illinois, to Barcelona, Spain
Bureaucracy, by Ludwig von Mises (1944, 1969) [Kindle]
Death of an Expert Witness, by P. D. James; London, England: Faber and Faber 2002; 0571204856
Works and Days, by Hesiod, translated by Hugh G Evelyn-White [Kindle]
No Exit, by Jean Paul Sartre [Kindle]
The Real Achievement of Vatican II, by Eduard Schillebeeckx, translated by H. J. J. Vaughn; New York, NY: Herder and Herder 1967
"This then is the council's central affirmation: religiousness receives its basic form, in accordance with God's will, in the 'church of Christ'. Christianity in ecclesial form is objectively the mature appearance of all true religiousness. Thus the council has laid down the basic principles for a pastoral approach to present-day humanity, which, though at heart probably still religious or even Christian, is nonetheless abandoning the churches." (page 63, footnote omitted)
The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak; New York, NY: Alfred A. Knopf 2005; 9780375842207
On Faith (Lumen Fidei), by Francis [Kindle]
The Master and Margarita, by Mikhail Bulkakov, translated by Michael Glenny; New York, NY: Meridian (HarperCollins) 1993;
2013-06-18 Madeline Island, Wisconsin
Slouching Toward Bethlehem, by Joan Didion; New York, NY: Washington Square Books 1981; 0671638092
2013-06-17 Madeline Island, Wisconsin
Angels in America; A Gay Fantasia on National Themes; Part Two: Perestroika, by Tony Kushner; New York, NY: Theatre Communications Group, Revised Edition 2006; 9781559360739
2013-06-16 Madeline Island, Wisconsin
Angels in America; A Gay Fantasia on National Themes; Part One: Millennium Approaches, by Tony Kushner; New York, NY: Theatre Communications Group 1993; 1559360615
On the Promotion of the Study of Latin (Veterum Sapientia), by John XXIII [Kindle]
Pilgrim of the Absolute, by Leon Bloy, selected by Raisssa Maritain, translated by John Coleman and Harry Lorin Binsse; New York, NY: Pantheon Books, Inc. 1947
For my part, I declare that I never sought or found anything, unless one wishes to describe as a discovery the fact of tripping blindly over a threshold and being thrown flat on one's stomach into the House of Light. (page 278)
The Landmark Thucydides: A Comprehensive Guide to the Peloponnesian War, edited by Robert B. Strassler [Kindle]
On Establishing Universal Peace in Truth, Justice, Charity and Liberty (Pacem in Terris), by John XXIII (April 11, 1963) [Kindle]
Socrates Defense to the Jury, by Xenophon, translated by James Doyle [Kindle]
Clouds, by Aristophanes, translated by Peter Meineck [Kindle]
The Spirit of the Liturgy (Vom Geist der Liturgie, 1918), by Romano Guardini, translated by Ada Lane, edited by Paul A. Boer, Sr. (1935) [Kindle]
Eucharist and the Church, Mystery of the Covenant, by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Catechesis at the 49th International Eucharistic Congress, Quebec [Kindle]
The Acharnians, by Aristophanes [Kindle]
Theological Highlights of Vatican II, by Joseph Ratzinger; New York, NY: Paulist Press 2009; 9780809146109
The faith of those who are simple of heart is the most precious treasure of the Church. To serve and to live this faith is the noblest vocation in the renewal of the Church. (pp. 262-263)
All the King's Men (1946), by Robert Penn Warren; New York, NY: Bantam Books 1971
Radical Chic & Mau-mauing the Flak Catchers, by Tom Wolfe; New York, NY: Farrar Straus Giroux 1970; SBN 374246009
The House on Mango Street, by Sandra Cisneros; New York, NY: Vintage Books 1991; 0679734775

Down and Out in Paris and London (1933), by George Orwell; Penguin Modern Classic 1968 [Nook]
Dead Souls, by Nikolai Gogol, translated by D. J. Hogarth; [Nook]
Why, were I myself to buy up a few souls which are dead--to buy them before a new revision list shall have been made, the Council of Public Trust might pay me two hundred roubles apiece for them, and I might find myself with, say, a capital of two hundred thousand roubles! (p. 224)
Women of Trachis, by Sophocles, translated by C. K. Williams and Gregory W. Dickerson; New York, NY: Oxford University Press 1978; 0195070097
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, by Dai Sijie, translated by Ina Rilke; New York, NY: Alfred A. Knopf 2001; 037541309X
A Haiku Journey 1974, Narrow Road to a Far Province, by Basho, translated by Dorothy Britton; Tokyo, Japan: Kodansha International 1990; 0870114239
2012-11-20 Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
'The Peace of Utrecht', from Dance of the Happy Shades, by Alice Munro; Toronto, Canada: McGraw Hill Ryerson Limited 1988; 0075497174
2012-11-19 Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
'Walker Brothers Cowboy', from Dance of the Happy Shades, by Alice Munro; Toronto, Canada: McGraw Hill Ryerson Limited 1988; 0075497174
2012-11-19 Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
'Great Joy, the Ox', from Jataka tales (no. 28)
2012-11-19 Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
'Gentle Heart', from Jataka tales (no. 66)
2012-11-19 Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
'The Ass in the Lion’s Skin', from Jataka tales (no. 189)
2012-11-19 Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
The Complete Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi; New York, NY: Pantheon Books 2007; 9780375714832
Hiroshima, by John Hersey; New York, NY: Alfred A. Knopf 1946
Oedipus Rex, by Sophocles, translated by David Mulroy; Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press 2011; 9780299282530
Two Gentlemen of Lebowski, by Adam Bertocci [Kindle]
'The Lady with the Dog', by Anton Chekhov; [Nook]
'The Party', by Anton Chekhov; [Nook]
The Ballad of the Sad Cafe (1951), from The Ballad of the Sad Cafe and other stories, by Carson McCullers; Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Company; 9780618565863
Billy Budd, by Herman Melville; University of Virginia Library Electronic Text Center 2000
2012-09-04 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Awakening, by Kate Chopin; Chicago, IL: Herbert K. Stone and Company 1899 [Nook]
'In the Wine Shop' from Selected Stories, by Lu Hsun, translated by Yang Shein-yi and Gladys Yang; Peking, China: Foreign Language Press, 1960, 1972
'A Madman's Diary' from Selected Stories, by Lu Hsun, translated by Yang Shein-yi and Gladys Yang; Peking, China: Foreign Language Press, 1960, 1972
Alexander's Bridge, by Willa Cather; Project Gutenberg eBook by David Widger 2006
he walked shoulder to shoulder with a shadowy companion--not little Hilda Burgoyne, by any means, but some one vastly dearer to him than she had ever been--his own young self. (p. 18)
On Chesil Beach, by Ian McEwan; New York, NY: Nan A. Talese; Doubleday 2007; 9780385522403
This is how the entire course of a life can be changed--by doing nothing. On Chesil Beach he could have called out to Florence, he could have gone after her. (p. 203)
Science and Government, by C. P. Snow; Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press 1961; LCCN 61-7397
One of the most bizarre features of any industrial society in our time is that the cardinal choices have to be made by a handful of men: in secret: and, at least in legal form, by men who cannot have a first-hand knowledge of what those choices depend upon or what their results might be. (p. 1)
2Mrs Dalloway in Bond Street (1923), by Virginia Woolf [Nook]
Your Confession: Using the New Ritual, by Leonard Foley, O.F.M.; Cincinnati, OH: St. Anthony Messenger Press 1975; 0912228172
Our problem, I think, is not "confession," but church. Only when we realize what it means to belong to the community of Christ will we see any reason for sacramental, visible healing and reconciliation. (p. 16)
The Lemoine Affair (1904, 1908), by Marcel Proust; translated by Charlotte Mandell
Brooklyn, NY: Melville House Publishers 2008; 9781933633411
Like a bouquet, they brought Lucien the news, presenting me with the denouement of the already sketched play, that their friend Marcel Proust had killed himself after the fall in diamond shares, a collapse that annihilated part of his fortune. (p. 38, "In 'The Goncourt Journals'")
"The Dead" in Dubliners (1914), by James Joyce; New York, NY: The Modern Library 1993; 0679000493
--There's a nice Catholic for you! said his wife.
--No candles! repeated Mr. Kernan obdurately. That's off!
(p. 216)
The Beast in the Jungle, by Henry James, in The Great Short Novels of Henry James, edited by Philip Rahv; New York, NY: Dial Press Inc. 1944
The fate he had been marked for he had met with a vengeance--he had emptied the cup to the lees; he had been the man of his time, the man, to whom nothing on earth was to have happened. (p. 798)
On running for the Consulship, by Quintus Tullius Cicero, translated by Evelyn Shuckburgh [Kindle]
The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde; Project Gutenberg ebook by Judith Boss, html version by Al Haines [Nook]
If it were only the other way! If it were I who was to be always young, and the picture that was to grow old! (p. 22)
2012-08-09 Baltimore, Maryland
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson; Project Gutenberg ebook [Nook]
while Jekyll would suffer smartingly in the fires of abstinence, Hyde would be not even conscious of all that he had lost. (p. 96)
Against the Grain, by J.-K. Huysmans; Internet Archive ebook
Modern Love, by George Meredith; [Nook]
The Girl with the Golden Eyes, by Honore de Balzac; [Nook]
Lady Susan (1871), by Jane Austen, in Jane Austen: Her Complete Novels; New York, NY: Gramercy Books 1992; 0517347997
Wide Sargasso Sea (1966), by Jean Rhys; New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. 1992; 0393308804
"He hates me now. I hear him every night walking up and down on the veranda. Up and down. When he passes my door he says, 'Good night, Bertha.' He never calls me Antoinette now." (p. 113)
Disgrace (1999), by J. M. Coetzee; New York, NY: Viking Penguin (Penguin Putnam) 2000; 0140296409<
"He is silent. Then: 'Do you know why my daughter sent me to you?'
"'She told me you were in trouble.'
"'Not just in trouble. In what I suppose one would call disgrace.'" (p. 85)
The Lover (L'Amour, 1984), by Marguerite Duras, translated by Barbara Bray; New York, NY: Harper & Row 1986; 0060970405
"Annexation Policy in Milwaukee: An Historical Institutionalist Approach", by Joel Rast, Polity, Volume 39, Number 1, pp. 55-78, January 2007
"Mayor [Frank] Zeidler’s vision for metropolitan expansion linking annexation to public housing, slum clearance, and planned development emanated from city hall. ... The capacity to act on these ideas was enhanced by the growth of the city’s annexation bureaucracy, effective coordination between the annexation and planning departments, and the city’s control over Lake Michigan water." (p. 74)
Invisible Cities (Le citta invisibili 1972), by Italo Calvino, translated by William Weaver; New York, NY: Harcourt, Inc. 1974; 9780156453806
"And Polo said 'Every time I describe a city I am saying something about Venice.'" (p. 86)
The Ice Palace (Is-slottet 1963), by Tarjei Vesaas, translated by Elizabeth Rokkon; London, England: Peter Owen Publishers 2005; 0720611229
"She had noticed that Unn never played truant from school, so it must have been something special today. And Siss connected it without hesitation with their meeting in her bedroom yesterday evening." (p. 65)
The Sibyl (Sibyllan 1956), by Par Lagerkvist, translated by Naomi Walford; New York, NY: Vintage Books (Random House) 1958; Nook 9780307807113
"The River" in A Good Man Is Hard to Find and
"Judgment Day" in Everything That Rises Must Converge, both in
Collected Works, by Flannery O'Connor; New York, NY: Library of America 1988; 0940450372
2012-07-12 Oshkosh, Wisconsin
A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens (1859), by Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
2012-07-11 Wautoma, Wisconsin
Fathers and Sons, by Ivan Sergeyvitch Turgenev (1861), Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
The Virginians, by William Makepeace Thackeray (1859), Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
2012-07-10 Wautoma, Wisconsin
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne (1873), Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
Silas Marner, the Weaver of Raveloe, by George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans), Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
The Romany Rye, by George Borrow (1857) Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
Lorna Doone, by R. D. Blackmore (1869), Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
2012-07-09 Wautoma, Wisconsin
Tom Brown’s Schooldays, by Thomas Hughes (1857) Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
Les Miserables
, by Victor Marie Hugo (1862) Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
The Old Man and the Sea (1952), by Ernest Hemingway; New York, NY: Scribner [Simon and Schuster, Inc.] 2002; Nook 9780743237307
Essays, by Jorge Luis Borges, translated by James E. Irby, and Anthony Kerrigan; in Labyrinths: Selected Stories and Other Writings (1983)
New York, NY: Modern Library 0394604490
"Emma Zunz" and "The Garden of Forking Paths" ("El Jardín de senderos que se bifurcan" 1941), by Jorge Luis Borges, translated by Donald A. Yates, in Labyrinths: Selected Stories and Other Writings (1983); New York, NY: Modern Library 0394604490
"Pantaloon in Black", from Go Down, Moses (1942), by William Faulkner; New York: Vintage Books (1990) Nook 9780307792143
A Simple Soul (Un Couer Simple 1877), by Gustave Flaubert; Project Gutenburg (2006)
"The New Generation" (1993), by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, translated by Kenneth Lantz;
Manon Lescaut, by Abbe Prevost, translated by Donald M. Frame (1961); New York, NY: The New American Library of World Literature, Inc.
"A Country Doctor", by Franz Kafka, in Selected Storier (1952), translated by Willa and Edwin Muir; New York, NY: Modern Library
The Toilers of the Sea (Les Travaileurs de la Mer) by Victor Hugo, Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne (1876) Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
A Walk Across Africa (1863), by James Augustus Grant, Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
Innocents Abroad (1869), by Mark Twain, Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
Life of George Washington, by Washington Irving (1855) [Kindle]
2012-04-24 Scottsdale, Arizona
Equatorial Africa (1861), by Paul du Chaillu, Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
The Epic of Gilgamesh, Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
2012-04-23 Sedona, Arizona
The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
Childhood, Boyhood & Youth, by Count Leo Tolstoy (1855), Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes) [Kindle]
2012-04-23 The Life of Charlotte Bronte, by Elizabeth Cleghorn Stevenson (Squashed version by Glyn Hughes) [Kindle]
2012-04-22 Scottsdale, Arizona
Fragments of an Intimate Diary, by Henri Frederic Amiel (1882) [Kindle]
2012-04-21 Scottsdale, Arizona
Existentialism is a Humanism (1945), by Jean-Paul Sartre, squashed version (2009) by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
2012-04-20 Phoenix, Arizona
The Virtue of Selfishness (2004), by Ayn Rand, squashed version (2009) by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
Scottsdale, Arizona
The Bhagavad-Gita, Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
2012-04-07 St. Josephat Basilica, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Desert (1894) by Pierre Loti, Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
The Naturalist in La Plata, by William Henry Hudson, Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
Three Men in a Boat, by Jerome K. Jerome, Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
Timbuctoo the Mysterious (1897), by Felix Dubois, Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes [Kindle]
Program of Social Reconstruction, by National Catholic War Council (February 12, 1919) [Kindle]
Confession, by Count Leo Tolstoy (1892), ), Squashed Version by Glyn Hughes) [Kindle]
2012-03-05 New York, New York
Pastoral letter of the archbishops and bishops of the United States assembled in conference at the Catholic University of America, September, 1919, by James Gibbons (1920) [Kindle]
On the Occasion of the Eightieth Anniversary of the Encyclical ‘Rerum Novarum’ (Octogesima Adveniens), by Paul VI (May 4, 1971) [Kindle]
On the Development of Peoples (Populorum Progressio), by Paul VI (March 26, 1967) [Kindle]
On the Ninetieth Anniversary of Rerum Novarum (Laborem Exercens), by John Paul II (September 14, 1982) [Kindle]
Four Quartets, by T. S. Eliot (1936, 1940, 1941, 1942) [Kindle]
Received a Nook Touch ereader
2011-11-26 Girdwood, Alaska
The Sarashina Diary, in Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan, translated by Annie Shepley Omori and Kochi Doi (1920) [Kindle]
On the Hundredth Anniversary of Rerum Novarum (Centesimus Annus), by John Paul II (May 1, 1991) [Kindle]
Living Our Faith in the 21st Century, by Timothy M. Dolan [Kindle]
Vision 21st Century - Living Our Faith, by Timothy M. Dolan (January 27, 2009) [Kindle]
2011-09-05 New York, New York
You Know Me Al, by Ring Lardner (1916) [Kindle]
On Christianity and Social Progress (Mater et Magistra), by John XXIII (May 15, 1961) [Kindle]
The Farewell Address, by George Washington (1796) [Kindle]
The First Report on Public Credit, by Alexander Hamilton (1789) [Kindle]
Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation, by George Washington (c. 1744) [Kindle]
The Crisis of the Seventeenth Century, by Hugh Trevor-Roper (1967) [Kindle]
2011-04-24 The End of History, by Francis Fukuyama, The National Interest, Summer 1989 [Kindle]
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Received an Amazon Kindle 3 ereader.

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New York: St. Martin's Griffin 2004; 0312330006
The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte (1852)
by Karl Marx
Catholics and the New Age: How Good People Are Being Drawn into Jungian Psychology, the Enneagram, and the Age of Aquarius
by Mitch Pacwa, S.J.
Ann Arbor, MI: Servant Publications 1992
The Responsibility of Peoples
and other Essays in Political Criticism

by Dwight Macdonald
London: Victor Gollancz 1957
The common peoples of the world are coming to have less and less control over the policies of "their" governments, while at the same time they are being more and more closely identified with their governments. Or to state it in slightly different terms: as the common man's moral responsiblity diminishes (assuming agreement that the degree of moral responsibility is in direct proportion to the degree of freedom of choice), his practical responsibility increases.
--pp. 44-45
Letters from the Underworld
by Fyodor Dostoevsky
translated by C. J. Hogarth
London: J. M. Dent & Sons 1953 (1913 edition)
The Political Testament of Cardinal Richelieu
The Significant Chapters and Supporting Sections
translated by Henry Bertram Hill
Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin 1961
Reason and Revelation in the Middle Ages
by Etienne Gilson
New York: Charles Scribner's Sons 1938
Many fourteenth century Christians were simply fed up with the whole business. They had no use for speculative theology, they would not loose themselves into the obscure and unsafe mystery of mystical union; what they wanted was straight practical Christian life, and nothing else.
--p. 90
An Informal Biography of Scrooge McDuck
by Jack L. Chalker
Baltimore, MD: Mirage Press 1974; 0883585022
The money as money is something he hates; the money as symbols of his life, representing and physically embodying his achievements, is what's dear to him.
--p. 36
Anti-intellectualism in American Life
by Richard Hofstadter
New York: Alfred A. Knopf 1963
In the course of generations, those who have suffered from the operations of intellect, or who have feared or resented it, have developed a kind of counter-mythology about what it is and the role it plays in society. Those who have made their case against intellect in our time have not found it necessary to originate a single new argument, since this mythology is deeply rooted in our historical experience.
p. 45
Note Note
Redating the New Testament
by John A. T. Robinson
Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock 2000; 1579105270
One of the oddest facts about the New Testament is that what on any showing would appear to be the single most datable and climactic event of the period -- the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70, and with it the collapse of institutional Judaism based on the temple -- is never once mentioned as a past fact. ...

Explanations for this silence have of course been attempted. Yet the simplest explanation of all, that "perhaps ... there is extremely little in the New Testament later than AD 70" and that its events are not mentioned because they had not yet occurred, seems to me to demand more attention than it has received in critical circles.

--pp. 13, 14

2005-02-21 Dublin, Ireland, to Chicago, Illinois
A Bend in the River
by V. S. Naipaul
New York: Random House 1979; 0679722025

2005-02-18 Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Maus: II. And Here My Troubles Began
by Art Spiegelman
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2005-02-16 Chicago, Illinois, to Dublin, Ireland
Maus: I. My Father Bleeds History
by Art Spiegelman
New York: Scholastic 1986; 0590469010

The Guide of the Perplexed
by Moses Maimonides
translated by Shlomo Pines
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Restoring the Lost Constitution: The presumption of liberty
by Randy E. Barnett
Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press 2004; 0691115850

The original meaning of the entire Constitution, as amended, is much more libertarian than the one selectively enforced by the Supreme Court.
--p. 356

"The Luck of Roaring Camp
by Francis Bret Harte
Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction
New York: P. F. Collier & Son Company 1917
Vol. 10

The Lesser Evil: Political Ethics in the Age of Terror [The Gifford Lectures]
by Micheal Ignatieff
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The Dialog Mass by Gerald Ellard S.J.
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The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories In Color

Why Lincoln Matters: Today More Than Ever
by Mario M. Cuomo
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Arguing About War (2004) by Michael Walzer
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Martin Luther [Penguin Lives series] by Martin Marty
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Morality and Politics in Modern Europe (1993) by Michael Oakeshott, edited by Shirley Robin Letwin

A Theory of Justice (1970) by John Rawls Note Note Note

Peace Kills (2004) by P. J. O'Rourke Review

Uncle Scrooge McDuck: His life and times (1987) by Carl Barks

The Orthodox Church (revised 1997) by Timothy Ware (Bishop Kallistos of Diokleia)

Redemptionis Sacramentum: Instruction on certain matters to be observed or to be avoided regarding the Most Holy Eucharist (2004)

Moral Absolutes: Catholic Tradition, Current Trends, and the Truth (The Pere Marquette Lecture in Theology 1989) by William E. May

Catechesi Tradendae: Apostolic Exhortation on catechisis in our time (1979) by Pope John Paul II

2004-07-25 airborne between Manchester, New Hampshire, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals (1971)
by Saul D. Alinsky
New York, NY: Vintage Books 1989; 0679721134

The House Without a Key (1925), by Earl Derr Biggers

The Betrayal of America (2001), by Vincent Bugliosi

Tort Law in America (1980), by G. Edward White

Liability (1988), by Peter W. Huber

The Conference of the Birds by Attar, (Shambala edition 1971) - Note

Lord Acton (1952), by Gertrude Himmelfarb - Note

On Social Concern (1987), by Pope John Paul II - Note

"Approaching the Unconscious," by Carl G. Jung [Man and His Symbols (1964) Part 1] - Note

The Social Construction of Reality (1967), by Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann
- Note

Yes Prime Minister (1988), by Jonathon Lynn and Antony Jay
- Note

Selected Political Essays, by Orestes Brownson, edited by Russell Kirk (1989)
- Note

The American Scholar (1837), address to Phi Beta Kappa by Ralph Waldo Emerson Note

Angel City (1938), by Rev. Gerald T. Brennan Note

The Gay Science, by Friedrich Nietzsche, translated by Josefine Nauckhoff (2001) Note
The Pogo Papers (1953), by Walt Kelly Note

Pacem in Terris (1963), by Pope John XXIII Note

Lawyers (1989), by William L. Droel, from The Spirituality of Work series Note

Faith and the Human Enterprise (1992) by Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland Note

Philosophical Investigations (1953), by Ludwig Wittgenstein, translated by G. E. M. Anscombe (3rd ed. 1958) Note

The Computer and the Brain (1958), by John von Neumann Note

The Future of Catholic Leadership (1987), by Dean Hoge Note

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (2nd Ed. 1970), by Thomas S. Kuhn Note

The Peasant of the Garonne (1968), by Jacques Maritain Note

The Triumph of the Therapeutic (1966), by Philip Rieff Note

The New Science of Politics (1952), by Eric Voegelin Note

Ideas Have Consequences (1948), by Richard M. Weaver Note

The Painted Word (1975), by Tom Wolfe Note

The Ancient Maya (2nd ed., 1947), by Sylvanus Griswold Morley Note

The Crisis of Islam (2003), by Bernard Lewis Note

The Sixteen Documents of Vatican II, N.C.W.C. translation Note

Concerning Being and Essence, by St. Thomas Aquinas, translated by George G. Leckie (1937) Note

2003-12-02 Florence, Italy, to Chicago, Illnois
A Handful of Dust (1934), by Evelyn Waugh Note

2003-12-01 Florence, Italy
Science, Faith and Society (1946), by Michael Polanyi Note

2003-11-28 via Frankfurt to Florence
The Stones of Florence (1963), by Mary McCarthy Note

Augsburg and Constantinople (1982), by George Mastrantonis Note

Architecture for Worship (1973), by E. A. Sovik Note

Dear Dr. Humor (1995), by Dr. Stuart Robertshaw Note

Utilitarianism (1863), by John Stuart Mill Note

What's Wrong With the World (1910), by Gilbert K. Chesterton Note

1066 and All That (1931), by W. C. Sellar and R. J. Yeatman Note
The Function of Criticism at the Present Time (1864), by Matthew Arnold Note

After Virtue (1981), by Alasdair MacIntyre Note

The Arabs in History (4th revised edition 1966), by Bernard Lewis Note

The Reshaping of Catholicism (1988), by Avery Dulles Note

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (1904-5), by Max Weber, translated by Talcott Parsons (1958) Note

Utopia (1516), by Thomas More Note

The Pilgrim's Progress, by John Bunyan Note

Gravity's Rainbow (1973), by Thomas Pynchon Note

Lift Up Your Hearts: Daily meditations by Pope John Paul II, translated by Carlos Alonso Vargas (1995) Note

The Excursion (1814) by William Wordsworth Note

2003-07-12 Manchester, New Hampshire, and Amesbury, Massachusetts
Savage Inequalities (1991), by Jonathan Kozol Note

What Does It All Mean? A very short introduction to philosophy (1987) by Thomas Nagel Note

"Yentl the Yeshiva Boy," by Isaac Bashevis Singer, translated by Marion Magid and Elizabeth Pollett Note

Phaedo, by Plato, translated by Benjamin Jowett Note

Crito, by Plato, translated by Benjamin Jowett Note
Apology, by Plato, translated by Benjamin Jowett Note

Leading Up: How to lead your boss so you both win (2001), by Michael Useem Note

Seinfeld and Philosophy: A Book about Everything and Nothing (2000), edited by William Irwin Note

Eugenie Grandet, by Honore de Balzac Note

The Soul's Journey into God, by Bonaventure Note

The Evangelizing Parish: Theologies and Strategies for Renewal (1987), by Patrick J. Brennan Note
Leaves of Grass (1855), by Walt Whitman Note
Three Sisters (1900-1901), by Anton Chekhov Note

The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy (1867), by Jacob Burckhardt

Priests for the Third Millennium (2000), by Bishop Timothy M. Dolan

2003-02-18 Vienna, Austria to Chicago, Illinois
Essays of a Catholic (1931), by Hillaire Belloc
[g] Scoop (1938), by Evelyn Waugh

2003-02-16 Vienna, Austria
Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy (3rd ed. 1950), by Joseph A. Schumpeter

2003-02-12 Zurich, Switzerland to Vienna, Austria
The Lord's Prayer (1988), by Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger

2003-02-11 Chicago, Illinois to Zurich, Switzerland
The Xenophobe's Guide to the Austrians (2002), by Louis James

The Cocktail Party, by T. S. Eliot, from The Complete Poems and Plays (1952)

Fragment of a Prologue, by T. S. Eliot from The Complete Poems and Plays (1952)] Note

The Family Reunion, by T. S. Eliot from The Complete Poems and Plays (1952)

Choruses from "The Rock," and Four Quartets, by T. S. Eliot from The Complete Poems and Plays (1952)

Middlemarch (1871-1872), by George Eliot
Judging by the ticket stub bookmark, I gave up on finishing this book about halfway through in the Summer of 1995, only to pick it up again a few weeks ago.
Unfinished Poems, and Minor Poems, by T. S. Eliot from The Complete Poems and Plays (1952)

Ariel Poems, by T. S. Eliot
from The Complete Poems and Plays (1952)

On the Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life (1st ed. 1859), by Charles Darwin
The Waste Land (1922), The Hollow Men (1925), and Ash-Wednesday (1930), by T. S. Eliot from The Complete Poems and Plays (1952)

The Civil War [50-48 B.C.] by Julius Caesar (audiotape)

Long Day's Journey into Night (1956) by Eugene O'Neill
Poems (1920) by T. S. Eliot from The Complete Poems and Plays (1952)
A Doll's House (1879) by Henrik Ibsen

The Sound and the Fury (1929) by William Faulkner
Prufrock and Other Observations (1917) by T. S. Eliot from The Complete Poems and Plays (1952)

One Hundred Years of Solitude (1967) by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, translated by Gregory Rabassa

The Trial (1925) by Franz Kafka, translated by Willa and Edwin Muir

The French Revolution: A history (1837) by Thomas Carlyle

The Provincial Letters (1656-1657) by Blaise Pascal, translated by Thomas M'Crie

Reading log:
The Origin and Development of Psycho-Analysis (1910) and
Repression (1915) by Sigmund Freud

Innumeracy (1988) by John Allen Paulos Note

The World of the Talmud (1963) by Morris Adler

Handbook of Christian Apologetics (1994) by Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli

The Gospel according to Matthew (R.S.V.)
The Gospel according to Mark (R.S.V.)
The Gospel according to Luke (R.S.V.)
The Gospel according to John (R.S.V.)
(No, I didn't read them all today, I finished reading each of them today.)

The Education of an Archbishop: Travels with Rembert Weakland (1992), by Paul Wilkes

2002-08-23 St. Charles, Illinois)
The Wapshot Chronicle (1957) by John Cheever

2002-08-13 Shawano, Wisconsin
Mr. Sammler's Planet (1970) by Saul Bellow

The Gospel according to St. Mark (R.S.V.)

Rhetoric by Aristotle, translated by W. Rhys Roberts

Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire, translated by Myra Bergman Ramos (1972)

The Gospel according to St. Matthew

The Gospel according to St. John (R.S.V.) airborne between Guatemala City and Houston, Texas
The Gospel according to St. Mark (R.S.V.)airborne between Houston, Texas, and Cleveland, Ohio
The Gospel according to St. Luke (R.S.V.) airborne between Cleveland, Ohio, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Acts of the Apostles (R.S.V.)

Godel's Proof (1958), by Ernest Nagel and James R. Newman

2002-06-21 Ravinia Festival; Highland Park, Illinois
Architecture for Beginners (1988), by Louis Hellman

An Intelligent Person's Guide to Philosophy
by Roger Scruton
New York, NY: Allen Lane The Penguin Press 1996; 0713992263

World Day of Peace Message (January 1, 1995), by Pope John Paul II, airborne between Las Vegas, Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona
Letter to Women (June 29, 1995), by Pope John Paul II, airborne between Phoenix, Arizona, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Welcome to Gertrude Mongella, Secretary General of the Fourth World Conference on Women (May 26, 1995), by Pope John Paul II, airborne between Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada.
Rhyme and Reason: St. Thomas and the Modes of Discourse [The 1981 Aquinas Lecture], by Ralph McInerny, airborne between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Phoenix, Arizona

Goodbye! Good Men: How Catholic Seminaries Turned Away Two Generations of Vocations from the Priesthood
by Michael S. Rose
Cincinnati, OH: Aquinas Publishing Ltd 2002; 0967637112

The American Democrat
by James Fennimore Cooper
Indianapolis, IN: Liberty Classics; 0913966916

Fallacy: The Counterfeit of Argument (1959) by W. Ward Fearnside and William B. Holther

The Power Elite
by C. Wright Mills
New York, NY: Oxford University Press 1956

The Mass by Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger

What Catholics Really Believe--Setting the Record Straight: 52 Answers to Common Misconceptions about the Catholic Faith (1992)
by Karl Keating
San Francisco, CA: Ignatius Press 1995; 0898705533

Select Epigrams of Martial
translated by Donald C. Goertz
New Hyde Park, NY: University Books, Inc. 1971

The Simpsons and Philosophy: The D'oh of Homer
edited by William Irwin, Mark T. Conrad, and Aeon J Skoble
Chicago, IL: Open Court 2001; 0812694333

A Disquisition on Government, by John C. Calhoun

Christianity and Culture: The Idea of a Christian Society and Notes toward a Definition of Culture
by T. S. Eliot
New York, NY: Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc. 1949

Of Human Life (Humanae Vitae (1968)
by Pope Paul VI
Boston, MA: St. Paul Books and Media

The One Minute Philosopher
by Montague Brown
Manchester, NH: Sophia Institute Press 2001; 1928832253

Mater et Magistra
by Pope John XXIII
translated by William J. Gibbons, S.J.
Glen Hock, NJ: Paulist Press 1962

The Rise of the West: A History of the Human Community
by William H. McNeill
Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press 1963

The Gospel of Life [Evangelium Vitae]
by Pope John Paul II
New York, NY: Times Books 1995; 0812926714

Right Ho, Jeeves
by P. G. Wodehouse
Baltimore, MD: Penguin Books 1975; 0140009345

The Opium of the Intellectuals
by Raymond Aron
translated by Terene Kilmartin
Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc. 1957

Death on a Friday Afternoon: Meditations on the Last Words of Jesus from the Cross
by Richard John Neuhaus
New York, NY: Basic Books 2000; 046504932X

Mortal Questions (1979)
by Thomas Nagel
New York, NY: Cambridge University Press 1996; 0521406765

2001-02-18 New York, NY
The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinford: A Conversation Piece
by Evelyn Waugh
Bostan, MA: Little, Brown and Company 1957

What Is Secular Humanism? Why Humanism Became Secular and How It Is Changing Our World
by James Hitchcock
Ann Arbor, MI: Servant Books 1982; 0892831634

Catholicism and Modernity: Confrontation or Capitulation?
by James Hitchcock
New York, NY: The Seabury Press 1979; 0816404275

The Calligraphy Book
by Peter Grislis
New York, NY: Scholastic, Inc. 1988; 0590425463

A Room of One's Own
by Virginia Woolf
San Diego, CA: Harcourt Brace Javonovich 1989; 0156787334

2000-08-26 Edina, MN
Women and the Common Life: Love, Marriage, and Feminism
by Christopher Lasch
edited by Elizabeth Lasch-Quinn
New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company 1997; 0393040186

The True and Only Heaven: Progress and Its Critics
by Christopher Lasch
New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company 1991; 0393029166

Rules of Civility
edited by Richard Brookhiser
New York, NY: The Free Press 1997; 0684837234

The Renovation Manipulaton: The Church Counter-Renovation Handbook
by Michael S. Rose
Cincinnati, OH: Aquinas Publishing Ltd 2000; 0967637104

The Jeweler's Shop
by Karol Wojtyla
translated by Boleslaw Taborski
San Francisco, CA: Ignatius Press 1992; 089870426X

The Gospel of Life [Evangelium Vitae]
by Pope John Paul II
New York, NY: Times Books 1995; 0812926714

Reveille for Radicals
by Saul D. Alinsky
Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press 1946

Nothing But the Truth: Essays in Apologetics
by Karl Keating
San Diego, CA: Catholic Answers 1999; 1888992123

An Essay on Freedom
by Raymond Aron
translated by Helen Weaver
New York, NY: The World Publishing Company 1970

Fascism: Past, Present, Future
by Walter Laqueur
New York, NY: Oxford University Press 1996; 0195092457

A Pilgrim's Progress: Orestes A. Brownson [Orestes A. Brownson: A Pilgrim's Progress (1939)]
by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
Boston, MA: Little, Brown and Company 1966

Summa Theologiae
by Thomas Aquinas
edited by Timothy McDermott
Allen, TX: Christian Classics 1989; 0870612115

The list below I thought lost, but years later found a backup disk that allowed me to recover it, leaving only a gap 1999-2002. That period I completed to the extent I had those books with my notation of when I read them. The list below I began to conform it to the new format I was using above.

The Temptation to Do Good
by Peter F. Drucker
New York, NY: Harper & Row, Publishers 1984; 0060152532

The Sermons of St. Alphonsus Ligouri: For All the Sundays of the Year (1852)
by St. Alphonsus de Ligouri
Rockford, IL: Tan Books and Publishers, Inc., Fourth Edition 1982; 0895551934

Philosophy for Beginners
by Richard Osborne
New York, NY: Writers and Readers Publishing Incorporated 1992; 086316157X

Call to Action or Call to Apostasy? How Dissenters Plan to Remake the Catholic Church in Their Own Image
by Brian Clowes
Front Royal, VA: Human Life International 1997; 1559220465

Keeping the Church Catholic with John Paul II
by Msgr. George A. Kelly
New York, NY: Doubleday 1990; 0385262280

The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations
by Christopher Lasch
New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. 1978; 0393011771

Saint Thomas and the Problem of Evil (The Aquinas Lecture, 1942) by Jacques Maritain

Our Best Kept Secret by Michael J. Schultheis, Edward P. DeBerri, and Peter J. Henriot

Menexenus by Plato, translated by Benjamin Jowett, from Collected Dialogues edited by Edith Hamilton and Huntington Cairns

La Vita Nuova [The Good Life] by Dante, translated by D. G. Rossetti, from The Portable Dante edited by Paolo Milano

The End of Economic Man by Peter F. Drucker

Statesman by Plato, translated by Benjamin Jowett

The Great Transformation by Karl Polanyi

1999-02-23 Brookfield, Wisconsin
Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen [audiotape]

Envisioning Information
by Edward R. Tufte
Cheshire, CT: Graphics Press 1990

1999-02-05 Brookfield, Wisconsin
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath [audiotape]

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity by James Fitzjames Stephen, edited by Stuart D. Warner

1999-01-26 Brookfield, Wisconsin
Heretics by Gilbert Keith Chesterton [Printed from on-line edition at Christian Classics Ethereal Library]

1999-01-22 Springfield, Illinois
Leisure: The Basis of Culture by Joseph Pieper, translated by Alexander Dru

The Church After the Council by Karl Rahner

The Revolt of the Elites by Christopher Lasch

First Things First (audiotape)
by Stephen R. Covey

The Catholic Church and the Bible
by Peter M. J. Stravinskas

Pure Drivel (audiotape)
by Steve Martin

12/9/1998 Heaney, Seamus Spirit Level, The audiotape

12/8/1998 Tufte, Edward R. Visual Explanations

12/4/1998 Ambrose, Stephen Citizen Soldiers Audiotape

12/1/1998 Adler, Mortimer J. Dialectic Non-rationality, p. 13. Love scene, p. 50-51. Faith and actuality as dogmatic, p. 226. Summa Dialectica, pp. 235, 236, 241.

11/30/1998 Dante Alighiri Divine Comedy: Inferno audiotape

11/24/1998 Cather, Willa Death Comes for the Archbishop Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

11/22/1998 Escriva de Balaguer, Jose Christ Is Passing By , and Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

11/22/1998 Kreeft, Peter Between Heaven and Hell Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

11/21/1998 Cather, Willa Shadows on the Rock Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

11/18/1998 Boorstin, Daniel J. Discovers, The audio

11/13/1998 Hildebrand, Alice von Solitude and Communion

11/4/1998 Brownson, Orestes Brownson Reader, The Ryan, Alvan S.

10/30/1998 Cozens, M. L. Handbooks of Heresies, A Abridged

10/25/1998 Novak, Michael Belief and Unbelief

10/17/1998 Dulles, Avery Models of the Church

10/14/1998 Keating, Karl Catholicism and Fundamentalism

10/10/1998 Lewis, C. S. Great Divorce, The in The Best of C. S. Lewis

10/9/1998 Pable, Martin Catholics and Fundamentalists

10/8/1998 Lewis, C. S. That Hideous Strength

10/4/1998 Stravinskas, Peter M. J. Catholic Response, The

10/3/1998 Keating, Karl No Apology from the New Apologists

10/2/1998 Lewis, C. S. Perelandra Delavan, WI Lake Lawn Resort

9/29/1998 Gilles, Anthony E. Fundamentalism: What Every Catholic Needs to Know

9/26/1998 Barna, George Marketing the Church

8/21/1998 Sinetar, Marsha Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow

8/11/1998 McBrien, Richard P. Church, The Continuing Quest

8/9/1998 Choleric, Brother Cracks in the Cloister

8/8/1998 Smolarski, Dennis C., S.J. How not to Say Mass A Guidebook for All Concerned about Authentic Worship

7/29/1998 Lewis, C. S. Out of the Silent Planet Twin Lakes, WI

7/4/1998 Augustine, Saint On the Teacher

6/17/1998 Malcolm X and Haley, Alex Autobiography of Malcolm X Brookfield, WI audiotape, abridged

6/11/1998 Moliere School for Wives, The Brookfield, WI Wilbur, Richard audiotape

6/8/1998 De Sales, Francis Introduction to the Devout Life Saint

5/31/1998 Bull, Andy Learn Mountain Biking in a Weekend

5/29/1998 Singer, Isaac Bashevis The Man Who Came Back Brookfield, WI audiotape

5/28/1998 Singer, Isaac Bashevis Gimpel the Fool Brookfield, WI audiotape

3/21/1998 Adler, Mortimer J. Conditions of Philosophy, The

3/19/1998 Mitchell, Richard Less Than Words Can Say Brookfield, WI Mark Alexander Hypertext on-line

3/3/1998 Kirk, Russell Conservative Mind, The; From Burke to Eliot Seventh Revised

12/14/1997 Handy, Charles Hungry Spirit, The New York, NY

12/13/1997 Ibn Khaldun, Abd-ar-Rahman Abu Zayd ibn Muhammed ibn Muhammed Muqaddimah, The Ireland; New York, NY; Rosenthal, Franz Dawood, N. J. Bollingen Series

10/12/1997 Christie, Agatha Murder of Roger Ackroyd, The audiotape

10/9/1997 Christie, Agatha Murder on the Links audiotape

10/6/1997 Coward, Noel Hay Fever audiotape

10/2/1997 Coward, Noel Private Lives audiotape

9/29/1997 Ayckbourn, Alan Relatively Speaking audiotape

9/26/1997 Lewis, Michael Liar's Poker audiotape

9/4/1997 Birkerts, Sven Gutenberg Elegies, The

8/30/1997 Commemoration Piet Mondrian

8/22/1997 Adams, Scott Dilbert Future, The

8/22/1997 Charlot, Jean, and Sheed, F. J. Cartoons Catholic

8/10/1997 Gibbon, Edward Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, The

8/7/1997 Hildebrand, Dietrich von Transformation in Christ Twin Lakes, WI Confidence in God

7/26/1997 Stevens, Wallace Sur Plusiers Beaux Sujects Stillwater, MN Bates, Milton J.

7/12/1997 Dorfman, Ariel, and Mattelart, Armand How to Read Donald Duck Kunzle, David

7/4/1997 Declaration of Independence, The

5/27/1997 London, Jack White Fang audiotape

5/26/1997 Feynman, Richard P. QED; The Strange Theory of Light and Matter

5/23/1997 Jefferson, Thomas Notes on Virginia Crystal City, VA Koch, Adrienne, and Peden, William Modern Library

5/20/1997 Dana, Richard H. Two Years Before the Mast audiotape

5/15/1997 Adams, Scott Dilbert Principle, The audiotape, abridged

5/15/1997 Strathern, Paul Nietzsche in 90 Minutes

5/14/1997 Strathern, Paul Descartes in 90 Minutes

5/13/1997 DeRosa, Marshall L. Confederate Constitution of 1861, The The Confederate Constitution was intended to restore original constitutional principles, not preserve slavery, as such. Preserving slavery being its immediate effect, if successful, the means did not justify the end.

5/3/1997 Adler, Mortimer J. Adler's Philosophical Dictionary

American Spectator's Enemies List
compiled by P. J. O'Rourke
New York, NY: The Atlantic Monthly Press 1996; 0871136325

4/3/1997 Hughes, Robert Fatal Shore, The audiotape

3/26/1997 Gingrich, Newt To Renew America audiotape

3/24/1997 Weakland, Rembert Sacred in Liturgical Renewal, The audiotape

3/21/1997 Kelly, George A., Msgr. Battle for the American Church, The

2/16/1997 Brinkley, David Everyone Is Entitled to My Opinion

2/16/1997 Lensing, George S. Wallace Stevens; A Poet's Growth

2/14/1997 Sacks, Oliver Anthropologist On Mars, An audiotape

2/10/1997 Cather, Willa O Pioneers! audiotape

1/30/1997 Poe, Edgar Allan Annabel Lee West Bend, WI audiotape

1/30/1997 Poe, Edgar Allan Berenice West Bend, WI audiotape

1/30/1997 Poe, Edgar Allan Eleonora West Bend, WI audiotape

1/30/1997 Poe, Edgar Allan Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, The West Bend, WI audiotape

1/30/1997 Poe, Edgar Allan Man That Was Used Up, The West Bend, WI audiotape

1/30/1997 Poe, Edgar Allan Oval Portrait, The West Bend, WI audiotape

1/30/1997 Poe, Edgar Allan Sleeper, The West Bend, WI audiotape

1/30/1997 Poe, Edgar Allan System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether, The West Bend, WI audiotape

1/29/1997 Kipling, Rudyard Kim West Bend, WI audiotape

1/29/1997 Poe, Edgar Allan Man of the Crowd, The West Bend, WI audiotape

1/29/1997 Poe, Edgar Allan Ms. Found in a Bottle West Bend, WI audiotape

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An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776) by Adam Smith Note

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10/17/1993 Jefferson, Thomas First Inaugural Address

10/17/1993 Lincoln, Abraham First Inaugural Address

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10/16/1993 Charter of the United Nations

10/16/1993 Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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10/3/1993 Saint-Beuve, Charles Augustin Causeries* Lee, Elizabeth Montaigne

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6/6/1993 Franklin, Benjamin Proposals Relating tio the Education of Youth in Pennsylvania

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4/27/1993 Declaration of Rights (Virginia, 1776)

4/25/1993 Lincoln, Abraham Gettysburg Address, The

4/25/1993 Lincoln, Abraham Last Public Address

4/25/1993 Lincoln, Abraham Letter to Horace Greeley, August 22, 1862

4/25/1993 Lincoln, Abraham Second Inaugural Address

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