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Cyclone 13

a lightweight high performance one-design sailboat
"Bendy mast, short forestay, loose-footed sail, mid-boom sheeting."

Here's untimely notice that I created a Cyclone 13 blog to replace these pages on my website ... eventually.

In the meantime, a Capri Cyclone page has been posted (not by me) on Wikipedia.

See the Technical Notes for frequently asked questions.

The Virtual Fleet Roster
To join the fleet, email (to a finally updated address) your Cyclone 13's hull number and your name and city and state.

hull (no sail, mast, dagger board, or rudder) available
Tim Robinson, Croton, New York USA timrobinson [at] mindspring.com
replacement for the teak fairings across deck ahead of cockpit or template needed
Brent Schneider bdezinr [at]dslextreme.com
photos showing the underside of the hatch cover and how the tiller is secured in the slot as it is attached to the rudder needed
Randy McMichael rgmcmichael [at] cox.net
mast needed
Chris Igielski Tacoma, Washington USA Cigielski [at] aol.com
and scroll down to find boats For Sale
being sailed by Marina Drasnin, front of sales brochure [large file], photo taken in Westlake Village, California
being sailed by Peter Drasnin, front of sales brochure [large file] later a National Champion in the Cyclone class, photo taken in Westlake Village, California
being sailed by Glen Uslan, front of sales brochure [large file], later a National Champion in the Cyclone class, photo taken in Westlake Village, California
being sailed by Peter Drasnin, front of sales brochure [large file]
US26 photo photo photo
Paul Torre, Los Angeles, California USA
US29 white hull, light blue deck
Jeff Whitlock, Chester County, Pennsylvania USA; for sale with trailer email jeff33rrl at earthlink.net or mobile (484) 459-2619
US41 white hull, green deck
Tom and Glenda Gardner, Ventura, California USA photo photo
foreground of Owners Manual cover photo
G119 orange photo
(new owner unknown) Germany
Drew McDonald, Monterey, California USA; for sale with trailer February 5, 2003 $950
first National Championship boat, sailed by Pete Schoonmaker
background of Owners Manual cover photo
US151 Dark blue hull/Light blue non-skid deck
Jim Altier, La Costa, California USA
previously Peter Drasnin's father, Westlake Village, California USA
previously Glen Uslan
US212 white hull, blue deck
Mike Beaumont, Hanford, California USA
US232 "Miss Configured,"
Melanie Bender, Orangevale, California USA
previously Lolita Burton, Sacramento, California USA
US276 white hull, red deck 1974
A. McConnell, Louisville, Kentucky USA
Donald Hewitt, Kansas City, Missouri USA
G362 white hull, blue deck
Ruth Steinebrunner, Germany
US471 white, yellow trim
R. McMichael, Orange County, California USA
Joe Sharpe, Portland, Oregon USA
Richard Bowser, Three Rivers, Michigan USA
Edward D. Porter, Port Orchard, Washington USA
US511 white, green trim 1975
Bryant Campbell Lake Almanor, California USA
previously Bill Keaveney, Ukiah, California USA
US599 lime green trim 1975
Ned Myers, Dayton, Ohio USA For Sale Nedelden [at] aol.com
US---- 1975
John Orlovich, Boise, Idaho USA
US 624 orange deck, white hull with orange waterline
Tom Childs, Sherwood, Oregon USA
US659 "The Nanceless,"
Michael Manfred, Sacramento, California USA
US671 green and yellow
Brett O'Loughlin, Sonoma County, California USA
Dave Hammer, Everett, Washington USA
Roy B. Highland, Templeton, California USA
US722 blue "Gusto"
Thomas Carpenter, Calistoga, California USA
Devon Pattillo, Boulder, Colorado USA
Dave Wheeler, Bountiful, Utah USA (third owner)
US773 red-orange hull, white deck 1976 "Hot Tamale"
Tom Cappelletti, Sacramento, California USA
previously Glen Uslan
US779 light blue 1982(?)
for sale by The Sailing Shop, Arizona USA
US844 red-orange
Richard Corbett, Montclair, Virginia USA
I would just like to note that my Cyclone 13 [US844] finished second out of a field of 6 boats at the 2005 Lake Montclair regatta. I was bested by a sloop rigged Capri 14.2 by about 2 seconds. Although there were no other Cyclones in the race there was another Capri 14.2 that came in fourth overall. It was a very interesting race involving a lot of tactical maneuvering. It was a triangular course that was run counterclockwise. The weather was excellent for the day with south to southwest winds of 4 to 8 knots. I hope to hear from other owners on their racing results. --Richard Corbett
Duncan Cornell, Dagsboro, Delaware USA; for sale, needs rigging, free, email dcornell at mchsi.com telephone 302-539-8181 mobile 302-228-1089
destroyed by Hurricane Isabel, 2003
Richard Wuerfel, Toledo, Ohio USA
US920 white, blue trim
Dave Petty, Boise, Idaho USA
previously Mary McCollom, Boise, Idaho USA
US947 blue hull, white deck July 1976
Eric Duris, Poquoson, Virginia USA
retailer Backyard Boats, Alexandria, Virginia USA
US 965 sails at Hyco Lake, North Carolina USA
J. Hoyte Stultz III, Roxboro, North Carolina USA
previously Mike and Shelia Carden, Hyco Lake
rigging diagram in Owners Manual, p. 2
Mark Nevin, Long Beach, California USA
US1060 1976
Harold Gillis, Springfield, Oregon USA
Roy B. Highland, Templeton, California USA
Peter Desmonie, Georgia, USA For Sale $450 plus dolly $450 desmonie [at] bellsouth.net
David Dowrie, Philomath, Oregon USA (also 2057)
Barry Schlesinger, Granite Bay, California USA
skippered by Keay in the 2003 Denver Sailing Association Thursday Spring Series, Cherry Creek Reservoir, USA
US1369 white hull, white deck 1976
Ben Spoon, Monterey, California USA
Tony Farley, San Leandro, California USA; sold with Caulkins trailer July 23rd 2006 $355
Dan Jones, Denham Springs, Louisiana USA
US1509 orange and white
J. R. Ward, Chesapeake City, Maryland USA
US1522 white
Denovan "Deac" Jones, Port Orange, Florida USA
US1598 white, yellow trim 1979
Kevin, San Antonio, Texas USA sold with trailer October 7, 2005 $600
Charles Czech, Mercer Island, Washington USA
Carolyn Silan, Granite Bay, California USA
former owner Bill Clune, Salinas, California USA
River Cities Community Sailing Program, Louisville, Kentucky USA
US1698 white, red trim 1979
Community Sailing of Colorado, Ltd., Denver, Colorado USA; sold with Highlander trailer September 1, 2006 $550
US1707 white with blue trim 1979
Riverside, California USA; for sale with trailer July 5, 2007 $650
1711 yellow on white
Chris Sorensen, Nampa, Idaho USA
US1715 blue over white hull
previously Glen Uslan
Justin Soffer Concord, Califonia USA
previously Jack Vrins, Concord, California USA
US1818 white hull, royal blue deck
Ruben Hipolito, Midway City, California USA
US1917 "sweet pees 2"
Aaron Willard, Carneys Point, New Jersey USA photo
skippered by Spike Bachman to second place in the July 2, 2000 Head Start short course race, Jacomo Sailing Club, Kansas City, Missouri USA
US2010 1981
Tom Robinson, Santa Rosa, California USA
US2011 1981
Carl Pendell, San Diego, California USA
Mike Howe, College Station, Texas USA
US 2050
Kevin Widdess, Barrie, Ontario, Canada
David Dowrie, Philomath, Oregon USA (also 1319)
Philip Skinner, Fullerton, California USA
Bob and Dorothy Brady, Grand Rapids, Michigan USA
US2157 white 1982
John, Flower Mound, Texas; sold with trailer June 13, 2006 $650
US2217 light blue hull, white deck "Desert Breeze"
Larry and Sam Chocianowski, Phoenix, Arizona USA
former owner, Brian Wilson, Phoenix, Arizona USA
Gabor Karafiath, Silver Spring, Maryland USA photo
US2291 yellow hull, white deck 1982
Steven Zelten, Kenosha, Wisconsin USA
Terrence Berres, Franklin, Wisconsin USA; sold with trailer June 24, 2007 $500
Mandy Shadle, South Barrington, Illinois USA; sold January 21, 2001 $400
US---- blue hull, white deck 1982
Houston, Texas USA; for sale September 2, 2005 $750
source of spare sail for US2291
original owner, South Barrington, Illinois USA
US 2464 white hull, tan deck
Bill Brinkmann, Palmdale, California, USA
US2519 white
Derek Finch, Lumberton, New Jersey USA
Pat Oberdorff, Rocky River, Ohio USA
US---- white hull, blue deck
for sale with trailer July 8, 2007 $700
skippered by Mike Hagan in the 1997 He-Man Cup race, San Juan Sailing Club, Durango, Colorado USA
Wallace Bruce, Memphis, Tennessee USA
Verne Cox, near Fort Worth, Texas USA
Louisville, Kentucky USA; for sale July 5, 2007 $450
David M., Marin, California USA; for sale with trailer November 19, 2006 $900
Elmer McCleary, Lake Washington Sailing Club, USA
Jim Altier, California USA
Sheila, California USA
[Austria] white, red trim
for sale with trailer $2,743
US---- white
for sale, photo photo photo

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