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The American Republic:

Constitution, Tendencies, and Destiny

by Orestes A. Brownson


Preface p. vii

I. Introduction p. 1

II. Government p. 15

III. Origin of Government p. 26

IV. Origin of Government, Continued p. 43

V. Origin of Government, Continued p. 71

VI. Origin of Government, Concluded p. 106

VII. Constitution of Government p. 136

VIII. Constitution of Government, Concluded p. 166

IX. The United States p. 192

X. Constitution of the United States p. 218

XI. The Constitution, Continued p. 244

XII. [The Constitution, Continued:] Secession p. 277

XIII. [The Constitution, Concluded:] Reconstruction p. 309

XIV. Political Tendencies p. 348

XV. Destiny - Political and Religious p. 392

Adapted from
The American Republic: Its Constitution, Tendencies, and Destiny
by O. A. Brownson, LL.D.
New York: P. O'Shea, 104 Bleecker Street.

The Liberty Library has its own hypertext edition with the italics, special characters, and fonts of the original 1866 edition.

The Making of America Library has an on-line version of this work made up of scanned images of individual pages.

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