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Brownson Quarterly Review
July 2004

The Enemy Inside the Gates: The Surrender of Catholic Higher Education by Patrick J. Reilly

A Conservative of the Old School by Scott McLemee
Russell Kirk rowed against the liberal intellectual currents of his time. Now his followers want to rescue him from the riptide of contemporary conservatism.

How Richard Rorty Found Religion by Jason Boffetti

The Church vs. the Culture: the Score Thus Far by Archbishop John J. Myers

No Bill of Lading by George McKenna
Review of Lincolnís Emancipation Proclamation: The End of Slavery in America by Allen C. Guelzo

The Taint of Subversion by John C. Chalberg
Review of Catholicism and American Freedom: A History by John T. McGreevy

Talking Democracy by Gilbert Meilaender
Review of Democracy and Tradition by Jeffrey Stout

Revised 2004-09-24.