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Boyle's Wisconsin Safe-Place Law

Because of a possible new print version of the book,
the on-line text has not yet been revised to incorporate the following cases:
Binsfeld v. Conrad
Megal v. Green Bay Area Visitor & Convention Bureau, Inc.
Time Warner, Inc. v. St. Paul Fire and Marine Ins. Co., 2001 WI App 174
Hofflander v. St. Catherine's Hospital, Inc., 2001 WI App 204, aff'd in part, rev'd in part,
Hofflander v. St. Catherine's Hospital, Inc., 2003 WI 77
Barry v. Employer's Mutual Casualty Company, 2001 WI 101

There is a limited supply of the existing print version available through John A. Becker.

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Chapter One: Nature of Safe-Place Law [pp. 1-55]

    (c) Persons Liable [p. 1]
    (i) Effect of Law [pp. 17-39]
Chapter Two: Places Covered [pp. 65-88] Chapter Three: Persons Liable [pp. 89-137]
    (a) Employer [pp. 89-106]
    (b) Owner [pp. 106-121]
Chapter Four: Conditions Covered [pp. 139-167] Chapter Five: Persons Protected [pp. 169-184] Chapter Six: Actions [pp. 185-238]
    (d) Evidence [p. 188]
    (f) Contributory Negligence [pp. 202-212 and Pocket Part]
    (h) Jury [pp. 220-222 and Pocket Part]
Appendix [pp. 243-427]
    [Table of Cases pp. 377-406 (not in hypertext edition)]
[Index pp. 407-427 (not in hypertext edition)]

Adapted from
Wisconsin Safe-Place Law Revised (1980), and its supplementary pocket part (1987),
by Howard H. Boyle, Jr.
Printed by
L. Breithaupt Printing Corp.
3889 North First Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212-1295

© 1980, 1987, by Howard H. Boyle, Jr., 1999-2002 by Elizabeth A. Boyle, all rights reserved.

This work is intended as an aid to the legal profession in Wisconsin. Permission, therefore, is given to freely use any portion hereof in preparing and presenting a client's cause.

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Revised March 13, 2006.