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Getting My Ducks in a Row:
A Carl Barks comics cross-reference

There are many sources of the Disney duck stories of Carl Barks. This cross-reference is to show the original publication and later republication of each Barks story (limited to American editions).

Barks works are here cross-referenced two ways:
Original to reprint; and
Reprint to original.

Not included are works published as prose, rather than comics, and cover paintings.

I fondly remember summer days in a hammock strung in the branches of a crabapple tree on the railroad right-of-way behind our house, with the latest Uncle Scrooge, Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, and Donald Duck, a bottle of Coke and a can of shoestring potatoes. If I obtained those same issues today, some of them might be too valuable to reread, especially while eating junk food. And to actually obtain all the Barks stories in the original publications would be too expensive for almost anyone.

Fortunately, many of the stories have been republished, some several times, after the Dell or Gold Key originals. For the very serious collector, the Carl Barks Library collected all Barks's original drawings. For the more casual fan, this cross-reference might (eventually?) tell you of affordable available editions of stories you have yet to read.

Cross-references are compiled from books available to me. Further cross-referencing information can be found at Inducks, BarksBase, SerieSam's, Of Mice and Ducks, Hamilton Comics, Disney Comics Worldwide. Kit's, and in the book Carl Barks - Werkverzeichnis der Comics (1995), by Johnny Grote.

Bud Plant has prepared this brief Barks biography. Various aspects of Barks life and work have been assembled by Stephan Ortmann.

Here is a very complete collection of covers.

Mark Evanier explains the relationship of Dell Comics to Gold Key Comics. Arthur de Wolf keeps track of the status of Disney Comics Worldwide. Here is the last available information on Gladstone.

(If you happen to be in the area, here are some of the local comic book shops. For your shopping reference, here's a guide to grading comic books.)

So when our walks in sun or shade
pass graveyards filled by wars,
It's nice to stop and read of ducks
whose battles leave no scars.

To read of ducks who parody
our vain attempts at glory,
They don't exist, but somehow leave
us glad we bought their story.

--concluding stanzas, "Ode to the Disney Ducks" by Carl Barks
(his last published work)

Revised June 25, 2005.