Monday, April 12, 2010

Where is this blog going?

On the technical side, before the end of the month this blog is probably going to move to hosting by Blogspot. If so, this address will still be my website home page, in some other form, and will include a link to the new weblog location.

As to content, looks like it still won't be going anywhere.

My website just turned 14 years old. The weblog feature was added in 2002 when Church-related topics were in the news generally. Kathy Shaidle, Mark Shea, and Amy Welborn caught my blog-reading eye. Nationally, there was the scandal over priests sexually abusing minors and bishops not acting to effectively prevent repeat offenders. Locally, Archbishop Weakland was often controversial and the Cathedral renovation was the latest example, soon followed by exposure of the Marcoux payoff. So I wound up posting more on Church topics than anything else, perhaps assuming it would be for a few months, then to go on to something else. Eight years later and the abuse scandal, Weakland, and even the renovated Cathedral are still hot topics.

It's as if we might like to change the subject, but it's the subject that changes us. For example, Archbishop Dolan spoke at an event at the Wisconsin Club a few years back. It might have been the annual appearance by the Milwaukee Archbishop before the Peter Favre Forum. Peter Isely of SNAP attended and, in the Q&A, asked if Archbishop Dolan would commit to not put our Archdiocese into bankruptcy as a result of the clerical sexual abuse claims. Dolan, during his answer, edged out Isely, during his question, on whose apparent level of enjoyment was closest to that of a dog getting a bath. What they'd rather have been doing instead was a little part of the collateral damage of the scandal.

I sympathize with them both. It was uncomfortable even to watch at the time.

Despite everything, it's a tiny bit funny to think about now.


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