Thursday, April 15, 2010

Counter for Two

James Auer in his Table for Two column reviewed Dutchland Dairy Restaurants in the Milwaukee Journal, April 5, 1974.
it's a neat, quiet place where you can eat indoors and be waited on at drive-in prices.

And, in the adjoining convenience store, you can pick up a snack for later in the evening.
A take-out option, in addition to the regular menu items, was "Grub-in-a-Tub" to go, your choice of deep-fried chicken or fish with french fries.


Blogger GOR said...

My favorite was their mound (or was mountain...?)of breaded and deep-fried onions. Heinemann's did a reasonable facsimile also. The only thing close to it today is Outback's "Bloomin' Onion".

6:26 AM  

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