Monday, March 22, 2010

Parish bracket$ announced

St. Al's parishioners sometimes return after traveling and suggest things to our pastor based on what they see in bulletins from the churches at which they attended Sunday Mass while away. One such suggestion was publishing a list of names of contributing parishioners (without amounts). He has responded on the current From The Pastor's Desk page of the parish website that there was generally negative response from parishioners.
I would like to offer the following statistics instead:
22.61% contribute nothing
14.19% contribute up to $100
30.20% contribute up to $500
17.27% contribute up to $1000
9% contribute up to $2000
7.43% contribute more than $2000

I hope you will find these statistics informative and helpful.

I do. For example, over 77% of parish households contribute something using the envelopes. (Some of the 22.61% with no recorded contributions might be putting cash in the collection at Mass.) It does suggest some additional statistics that could be of interest. For example, what's the correlation between frequency of Sunday Mass attendance and amounts given?



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