Thursday, February 4, 2010

Open agenda, hidden minutes

The St. Al's website has been revised. It's a nice clean design by Faithwebsites; better than FWS's own site, I'd say.

The Parish Council page has this description.
The Parish Council is both the process and structure which enables parishioners to share more fully in the task of continuing the Church's work in the parish neighborhood. Its primary role is to call forth and affirm the gifts present within the community to meet the pastoral needs of God's people and to make Christ present among us.
The page finally removed any reference to the council's minutes. Perhaps the long-standing indication these would be published online is about to be fulfilled. That could be part of the sharing and calling forth.
Through its committees, called Standing Committees, the Council extends the mission of Jesus in this time and place.
Some might question the potential ambiguity of "extends" in the context of church committee meetings.
New Council members are selected each Spring through a parish-wide process of prayerful discernment.
There are nomination cards distributed at Mass, but that's not literally parish-wide given only a minority of parishioners show up. Last I knew, the subsequent meeting discerns if the number of candidates exceeds the number of vacancies to fill, which it usually doesn't.

The February 4, 2010 council meeting agenda is in last Sunday's bulletin.



Blogger GOR said...

"Its primary role is to call forth and affirm the gifts present within the community..."

Heh, heh. Somehow this reminds me of a practice in Ireland years ago (many years ago...).

There was an annual collection for the parish - distinct from the regular Sunday collection. Once completed, on a series of subsequent Sundays in place of the Sermon, the contributions of each parishioner would be read out at Mass - by name and street address...!

"The McGillicuddy Family, 5 Main St. Ten shillings and six pence..."

Now that was "calling forth"...!

11:27 AM  

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