Friday, January 1, 2010

Per person, Franklin leads county in liquor licenses

In this case, the headline is more accurate than the story.

Tom Kertscher says in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,
Where in Milwaukee County is it the easiest to find alcohol?

Believe it or not, it might be fun-lovin' Franklin.

I don't believe it, because it's based on Franklin having the most package store liquor licenses per capita, as the headline writer says. The accompanying chart ranks licensees per capita and says this measures "concentration".

Package stores licensees per square mile would probably tell more. If we compare a few municipalities on licensees per square mile we find:
Frankln 18/34.7 = .5 licensees per square mile
Wauwatosa 24/13.2 = 1.8 licensees per square mile
West Allis 27/11.4 = 2.4 licensees per square mile
Milwaukee 294/96.9 = 3 licensees per square mile

So with six times as many licensees per square mile, you'll probably find your booze easier in Milwaukee than in Franklin. Not that Franklin isn't fun-lovin'.



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