Thursday, December 31, 2009

What do you do when you're branded...

Our Archdiocese of Milwaukee has revamped its website. Sometimes that indicates rebranding is underway.

P.S. Also on the rebranding front, Milwaukee's WISN-TV reports the local chapter of SNAP "is calling for the resignation or firing of auxiliary bishop Richard Sklba" and "They also want bishop Listecki to rename the Weakland Center at the cathedral."
"We're here today to say to Archbishop Listecki, 'take your first 100 days and do a couple things to get this Weakland-Sklba era behind us,'" said SNAP's Peter Isley.

WTMJ-TV's report concluded "It's unlikely Bishop Listecki will take any action against Sklba."



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Thanks for the New Year's resolution; post revised.

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