Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not in pink, but a bit in the red

Our pastor explains in his column in today's bulletin,
Today is the Third Sunday of Advent. It is traditionally called Gaudate Sunday from the Latin word "Gaudate," which means REJOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In some parishes, the priest wears a dusty-rose or even pinkish vestment to signify a change in emphasis of the readings.

That includes our parish, except for our pastor who has an aversion to wearing that color. At Mass this morning he wore purple, the deacon wore rose.

He also reported
Today, we also announce the results of our FAITH IN OUR FUTURE CAMPAIGN. Even though we did NOT achieve our goal of 1.5 million, we did achieve gifts of $1,275,595.

which brought out his conformist side.
To those who have still not made a pledge, I ask you to do so now. Even if you cannot indicate an amount at this time, please return a card so we know you are walking with us with FAITH IN OUR FUTURE.



Blogger GOR said...


So then the song would be "GaudAamus Igitur", right? As the Italians say: "Non suona..."

Well it's clear why the TLM is not getting much support in Franklin...

7:21 AM  

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