Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Concentrating on the core business

Our Archdiocesan weekly reports that deputy director James M. Brennan named Charities’ interim director. The position was open, as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had reported, after Hannah Dugan, Catholic Charities executive director resigns.
He assured that Dugan’s determined work for the disadvantaged will continue.

"First of all, our staff this past year and for the past couple of years has refocused its work on the poor," he said. "That focus will continue."

It had been focused elsewhere?
Anne Marie Wick, president of the Catholic Charities board, told your Catholic Herald that she and another board member had asked to meet with Dugan on Dec. 10 but not about Dugan’s role with the agency.

Sounds like that was because there wasn't going to be any.
“Hannah communicated to us that she had prayed about this,” Wick said. “She tendered her resignation.”

Mr. Brennan returns to the issue of focus.
“This is the transition that will allow us to focus on our mission at Catholic Charities, and focus on our work to the clients being served by Catholic Charities. The rest will be handled very well,” he added.



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