Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tithe is on my side

Finally the neglect or suppression of institutional memory at my parish cuts the other way. The stated standard for "how much to give" had been 10%, half to the parish, and half to other Church institutions or causes. If there was a parish building campaign (or subsequent debt reduction campaign), the suggested additional gift was an amount equal to the regular parish gift spread over three years, or 1 2/3%. Total 11 2/3%.

Now the current and what would have been the next three year parish debt reduction campaigns have been folded into the parish's cut of the Archdiocesan Faith In Our Future capital campaign. The November 1, 2009 parish bulletin (page 3) article on that campaign includes this.
How much should I/we give? ... As a guide, it is suggested each family ought to be able to work one hour a week for God. We offer this as a guide for your combined gifts to the Annual Parish Appeal and the Faith in Our Future campaign.

One hour's pay, assuming a forty hour work week, is 2.5% of income. It's a deal.



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