Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Great Commission or on commission

Headlinend Labor leaders urge religious community to support workers, Annysa Johnson actually reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that union leaders urge religious community to support unions, promising to make it worth their while.
"We need to understand better how we can work together," said Cochran [Sheila Cochran, secretary-treasurer and chief operating officer of the Milwaukee Area Labor Council], who relayed a conversation she'd had with a pastor about tithing.

"I asked him, 'What do you want: 10% of a minimum wage? Or 10% of a union wage?' " said Cochran, who insisted that much of the street ministry performed by religious organizations would be unnecessary if more people had access to higher-paying jobs.

Street ministries, I had thought, were primarily ministering to people without jobs at all.
"I think our area churches would be better served with 10% of a union wage," she said.

Using that meaning of the term, wouldn't they be even better served concentrating on areas with more business owners, managers, and professionals? You might recall that
While Catholic parishes in the central city might be struggling to hang onto members, some suburban counterparts are booming, said [spokeswoman Julie] Wolf of the archdiocese [of Milwaukee].



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