Saturday, June 20, 2009

Moving parishes

St. James Church is reportedly considering relocating to a site about a mile from my home. You might recall it hopes that its current site on South 27th Street (Highway 241) is in an area of commercial development. They were hoping it might be sold for enough to cover most or all the cost of buying and building at a new location. I had thought the current real estate market might have put that plan on hold, but it looks like it might be going ahead.

Since Franklin has long been the one of the state's fastest growing communities, I've wondered why no parish was started nearer the center of town. I've heard there was a parish building site nearby that was eventually sold. The published statistics for parishes serving Franklin, including St. James, indicated they have not grown with the community. It's possible, I suppose, that St. James will look at a move as an opportunity to grow.

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