Monday, June 22, 2009

Graham Greene

...Greene simply isn't all that good a letter-writer. In the novels his prose has always been somewhat drab, befitting his often doleful subject matter, but that plainness can be readily overlooked because of the cinematic vividness of his scene-setting and the lived intensity of his characters. --Michael Dirda, The Man Within, The Weekly Standard, May 4, 2009, review of Graham Greene: A Life in Letters, edited by Richard Greene (via Arts & Letters Daily)

As it turned out, the blunders of the best and the brightest in the 1960s helped give Greene a reputation for geopolitical prescience and obscured the fact that he was mostly wrong about the urgent issues (decolonization, Communism, the political potential of Catholicism) of his time. --Pankaj Mishra, Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me, The New York Times, January 2, 2009, review of Graham Greene: A Life in Letters, edited by Richard Greene

Few people know that before he found success, Graham worked as a sub-editor at The Times in London. It was around this time that he began corresponding with Vivienne Dayrell-Browning (later Vivien Greene), a deeply religious woman who had taken offense at what she thought were blasphemous remarks Graham had made against the Virgin Mary. Graham wrote back a letter of apology to her, and so began a courtship that would end in Graham's conversion to Catholicism and later marriage to Vivien. --Vikram Johri, The inner man: Graham Greene's letters reveal his complexities, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, December 14, 2008, review of Graham Greene: A Life in Letters, edited by Richard Greene

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