Monday, May 4, 2009

Thomas M. Disch

On Wings of Song is his first extended treatment of the Midwest, and it is infused with the visceral, unmasked fury of a refugee. Disch is an angry writer, and large portions of his work are directed without mercy at his chosen enemies: the Catholic church, conservatives, middle America. --Waggish, Thomas M. Disch: On Wings of Song

Recommended reading:
by Thomas M. Disch at Reading Rat

Criticism (articles, essays, reviews):

Tom’s death closed the book on a particular kind of New York bohemianism that once flourished (in an era of cheaper rents) and is now largely extinct or shunted out of sight. Literary New York is a poorer place, its poets mostly professors desperate for preferment. --David Yezzi, I.M. Thomas M. Disch, 1940-2008, The New Criterion, September 2008


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