Friday, May 15, 2009

Don't ask, don't tell

Milwaukee's WISN-TV interviewed Auxiliary Bishop William Callahan who heads our Archdiocese pending the next Archbishop (Auxillary Bishop Callahan Weighs In On Weakland's Book [sic]).
Callahan said he talked to Former Archbishop Weakland last week, but despite his knowledge of the book, it was not discussed.

Callahan, who's known Weakland for years, said he's surprised by Weakland's admission that he is gay.

“I think it caught me off guard. It was not necessarily something I was ready to hear coming from the Archbishop,” Callahan said.

See Archbishop Weakland Memoirs to be Released

He suggested some perspective.
Callahan said Weakland’s legacy in the church is not just his mistakes but also some of the good he did, including shaping the modern mass.

In an address to the Peter Favre Forum, Archbishop Weakland characterized three demonstration masses in the papal apartments as "test marketing" the revised liturgy. Since this is pretty much the opposite of actual test marketing, it said more about the shaping of the modern Mass than he realized.

Some people might appreciate his denunciation of hand-holding during the Lord's Prayer, see Our Father Who art holding hands.

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