Monday, March 16, 2009

The call to holeyness

Last Sunday's St. Al's bulletin gives a rare glimpse into the inner workings of our pastoral staff.
We recently discussed our hospitality Sundays at a staff meeting, and we all agreed that this is a very important part of our parish, since it allows families and friends to linger after Mass and socialize. It was also mentioned that the cost of donuts, milk, juice and paper products has been increasing steadily to the point where the "free will" offerings cover less than 75% of the cost. Additionally, it was noticed that more than a few people (adults and children) were taking 4 or 5 donuts at time…. not for their table…. but for themselves. Some even were seen taking donuts home with them. Just a reminder that this hospitality is not meant to be a FULL breakfast but a time to have a snack and socialize. Thanks for your cooperation.
--From the Pastor's Desk, March 15, 2009 Bulletin, page 2

See Spontaneous combustion.



Blogger TS said...

Ha. Another reminder that Communism doesn't work. If it's free, people will take advantage of it.

Our parish somehow thinks that socializing = work, which, come to think of it, has been pretty effective. (The parishioners I am close to I grew to know thru bingo volunteering.)

The mission statement of our extremely labor-intensive fish fries is to socialize, both within the parish and within the larger community.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did he also write in the bulletin column about when the Stations of the Cross are prayed? Or the extra hours for confessions before Easter?

10:27 PM  

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