Monday, September 15, 2008

Parish, shrine examples of vibrant Catholic faith

In this "Herald of Hope" column in the August 11, 2008 issue of the Milwaukee Catholic Herald, the parish Archbishop Dolan is referring to is Sacred Heart Croatian. The Herald had previously reported that the parish "exceeded their Faith In Our Future goal of $160,000 by more than $45,000." Our Archbishop writes,
they designated some of their own parish portion (not the 40 percent already going for the needs of the archdiocesan church) for our seminary, for our inner-city Catholic schools, for the Franciscan missions, and for the church in Croatia!

Now this, folks, is stewardship!

It's part of stewardship, but isn't the other part that the money is well-spent?
This success story at Sacred Heart is a great antidote for a few other parishes who report that "we have no trouble raising money for our own parish needs, but we do not want a penny to go to the diocese or other causes!" These parishes might be raising money; they're sure not practicing stewardship.

They are if they don't have confidence in the people who spend the money at the diocese or those other causes.


Blogger Dad29 said...

It's worth noting that Sacred Heart has a number of parishioners who were parents of children enrolled at (now-defunct) Veritas Academy.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still would not give a dime to that campaign. The thought of the same people in charge, who have wasted and squandered so much of the money and patrimony of the archdiocese, makes me cringe. Why support the devil's work?

10:03 PM  

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