Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Changes On The Way

This item in St. Al's September 21, 2008 bulletin gives one view of coming changes in the Mass translations.
The requirement from Rome is that all translations must be a literal translation from the Latin.

This might be a less than literal interpretation of Liturgiam authenticam.
The bishop in charge of the liturgy for the US Conference of Bishops recently wrote an article raising serious concerns about the appropriateness of a literal translation.

See U.S. Catholic Bishops' Liturgy Chair Raises Concerns Over New Worship Texts.
For example, instead of the congregation responding to "The Lord be with you" with "and also with you," it will now be "and with your spirit."

How spiritu ever became "also" remains unexplained.
This demand of the literal can often result in a stilted version.

Though it's not as if we're packing 'em in with the current approach.
Apparently his concerns were not approved by the US Bishops and confirmed by Rome.

Here are the changes.
In the end, it is the Power of the Holy Sprit [sic] that works through the liturgy. It is important not to get overly concerned about the details and miss the main power of our worship.

I'm convinced they're not overly concerned about the details.



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