Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Contemporary Christian Music Label Offers Free Downloads of Five Songs

A reader points us to this September 9, 2008 press release.
PORTLAND,, the contemporary music division of OCP, today announced a unique promotion called "5 For 5 For Free." For a five-hour window, fans are being invited to download five songs from an exciting new musician for free.

You might think that acronym OCP seemed to have some Catholic association, though that's not what you might think when this division is pitched as a "Contemporary Christian Music Label". At the moment, that word "Catholic" isn't on Spirit and Song's home page. For that matter, the OCP home page doesn't contain the word "Catholic", either. Nor does the About OCP page. The word does turn up in the OCP History, where OCP turns out to be Oregon Catholic Press. If you happen to check the Spirit and Song web site's About Us page it does say it
is THE place for contemporary Catholic music

I assume OCP and S&S are marketing to a broader Christian market, but they might strike some as a bit reticent about their Catholic connection. Reticent, at least, compared to "when its time to sell liturgical resources", as the referring reader put it.


Blogger Dad29 said...

Or it could be that they are moving towards honesty.

After all, genuine Catholic liturgical music rarely appears in OCP publications.

2:02 PM  

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