Monday, September 22, 2008

Chalice as disease vector

From St. Al's August 31, 2008 bulletin, "Preparing The Communion Cups".
Several years ago a directive was issued by the Vatican instructing all parishes to conform to a modified way of preparing the communion cups. Many liturgists and pastors were not convinced that the rationale for the change was adequate and thus a good number of parishes suspended the implementation.

That's been a contagious attitude. There has also been a continuing trend of parishioners suspending implentation of giving to the parish or attending Sunday Mass. More recently I've seen indications more Catholics have suspended implementation of having their children baptized.
As the months passed it became more and more clear that our local diocesan leadership was expecting this modification to be implemented.

No more ad experimentum? First the cafeteria, now they're trying to close the lab.
Consequently, more and more parishes are doing so.

Including St. Al's. Who knows, someday the parish Mass would be the same as described in the order of worship in the hymnals in the pews and the texts used in Christian Formation, and pastors will again preach on Luke 7:8.



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