Monday, July 21, 2008

Packing up and moving on: Life's journeys

This "Herald of Hope" column by Bishop Richard J. Sklba appeared in the July 10, 2008 issue of "our" Milwaukee Catholic Herald. He was in the midst of packing up to move his office from one wing of the Archdiocesan headquarters building to another.
This time I was chagrined to discover a few letters still unanswered because they were initially simply too important for a hasty answer; so they were put aside for a more favorable moment and for the leisurely, thoughtful response which they deserved but never received.

It might have been better for him to leave that out. It brings to mind accounts that he did not return phone calls to people reporting ongoing sexual abuse of children by a priest and did not follow up on promised calls to victims.


Blogger TS said...

Since it's "your" Herald, how come you never link to the articles you write in it? Modesty? :-)

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