Sunday, July 20, 2008

Keeping it Catholic

Joni Moths Mueller in Marquette Magazine, Summer 2008, on the Faculty Seminar on Catholic Higher Education
These students are also teachers — Marquette teachers. Bringing them together like this was inspired by Carey’s desire to create an opportunity for young faculty to learn what it means to teach at a Catholic, Jesuit university. The semester is devoted to a study of issues confronting Catholic education, including mission, academic freedom, Catholic identity, and the difference between non-Catholic vs. Catholic traditions in higher education. [Dr. Patrick] Carey hopes the teachers come to understand why faith and learning are interconnected and why Pope John Paul II wrote that Catholic universities are “born from the heart of the church.”

Quoting the Apostolic Constitution on Catholic Universities by Pope John Paul II.
“When I came up with a new course a couple years ago, I had to justify how it would fit Marquette’s mission statement and the core curriculum,” says Father Mueller [Rev. Joseph Mueller, S.J., assistant professor of theology]. “I went to the mission statement and connected every part of the course to it. Then I went through the preamble of the core in the same way. When I submitted the course description I was told, ‘This is exemplary. We wish everyone did this.’ That’s a small but not insignificant reaction; it says this university’s mission statement is operative.”

But barely, at least judging by the "We wish everyone did this."


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