Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cardinal Stritch University to buy Cousins Center

Tom Heinen reports in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
The Cousins Center was constructed as a high school seminary at 3501 S. Lake Drive in 1963. It closed as a preparatory seminary at the end of the 1979-’80 school year, and the archdiocesan central offices moved there in 1983.

It was eventually renamed for former Archbishop William Cousins, who was archbishop when it was built.
The archdiocese had been trying to sell the property, partly to pay off a $4.6 million loan that helped pay its $8.25 million portion of a nearly $17 million settlement of 10 sexual abuse lawsuits in California in 2006.

(See this earlier post) Most of that abuse was committed by a priest who Archbishop Cousins allowed to move to California, giving what the California courts later found to be inadequate warning to the receiving bishop of the priest's history of sexual abuse here.

Update: Stritch purchase of Cousins Center would impact St. Francis, by Tom Heinen at Articles of Faith


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