Friday, June 27, 2008

St. Louis Archbishop Burke gets new job in Rome

Tim Townsend reports in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Archbishop Raymond Burke today was appointed today to lead the Vatican's supreme court [Apostolic Signatura].

(via Relevant Radio)

P.S. At Charlotte was Both, More on St. Louis
there have been several controversies involving the Archdiocese over the past few years - the St. Stanislaus business, this women’s ordination business, the Sheryl-Crowe-at-the-fundraiser business, as well as a few others - as well as the huge battle over the embryonic-stem-cell research referendum.

At every turn, the Archdiocese web team - whoever they are - are on the spot, immediately putting up full statements, Q & A’s and video within hours of stories breaking.


You cannot complain about the secular media’s treatment of the Church and Church issues if Church authorities are not accessible, clear and proactive when it comes to talking about those issues. ...

The St. Louis website's Contact Us page indicates one whoever is Website Administrator Tony Huenneke, Assistant Director of Communications. And the page archives Archdiocesan press releases back through 2000!


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