Wednesday, December 26, 2007

St. Alphonsus Parish Council Minutes October 1, 2007

You might recall that almost three years ago I noted that our Parish Council wasn't consistently making its minutes available to parishioners. That changed soon after, when its minutes weren't made available at all. So back in May, I raised the issue. Between you and me, I then said to myself that if the minutes were again available by year's end, then I would fill out the 2008 pledge card. And lo, last Sunday, there some were on the bulletin board in the church foyer.

Under School Technology Committee was
Desire/need for website to be better communication tool for parish. Council to get back to [committee chair(?)] next month with plan of action.
The parish website includes a page for the Parish Council. It looks like they stopped distributing hard copies of their minutes with the idea they would post minutes in pdf, but then didn't.

On the Faith In Our Future fund drive
archdiocese appeal--parishes required to participate within 2 years. St. Al's will be in the final wave.

Which might be of some concern, given this from the Pastor's Report.
Collections slowly dwindling but still above budget. Attendance statistics to be reviewed.

Speaking of attendance, there's this on the parish's participation in the new archdiocesan program for that.
Living Our Faith--reaching out & increasing membership begins 12/1/07.

12/1/07 Living Our Faith program begins
12/2/07 Profession of Faith omitted from Sunday Mass


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