Wednesday, December 26, 2007

African American Catholic perspective offered

Cheri Mantz reported in "our" Milwaukee Catholic Herald, December 6, 2007,on the Brother Booker Ashe Lay Ministry Program at St. Martin de Porres Parish. [stats D13 3rd/13 56%] It is
"...a program for African American Catholics who want to be ministers within their parishes, especially in central city parishes," said Franciscan Sister of Little Falls, Minn., Callista Robinson, the program's coordinator.

Schauneille Allen, who is also Director of our Archdiocese's African American Ministry office, is an instructor in the program and member of its planning committee.
"It's important because it helps in the development and education and formation of lay leaders in the black community, coming from a perspective of black spirituality which is something that has not been duplicated through other venues in the diocese," Allen explained.

It's separate from our Archdiocese's recently-established adult formation program.
"It's not part of the John Paul II Center because the concentration is in black spirituality, which has not been addressed by any other programs in the diocese at this point," said Allen.

One of the students interviewed was Joe Treptow.
"I would like to get more involved in the church and do more ministry in the black Catholic church," he said.


"..."This course is to train people to do lay ministry work in the black Catholic Church, so even if someone doesn't belong to the black Catholic Church, they could certainly benefit from it. ..."

The article might have benefited from a sidebar with more background on exactly what people mean by black spirituality and the black Catholic church.


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...or a sidebar telling us how "black" can modify "Catholic."

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