Saturday, November 17, 2007

Peace calls wager, and other news

News first, then upcoming events

Religion Briefing
From the Nov. 17, 2007 editions of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Capitol Update, November 16, 2007 [2 pp. pdf]
Wisconsin Catholic Conference
1. WCC Supports Criminalizing Human Trafficking
2. New Bills of Interest:
SB-309 and AB-569 Bans local ordinances, resolutions and policies that prohibit immigration status inquiries and reports to the federal government about the presence of illegal aliens; authorizes a private right of action.
SB-310 Changes affecting anatomical gifts.
SB-321 and AB-576 Criteria for determining indigency for purposes of representation by the State Public Defender.
AB-574 Regulates payday loans.

Vigil and Nonviolent Direct Action to Close the School of the Americas (SOA/ WHINSEC)
- November 16-18, 2007

Raffle for Resistance
The War Resisters League 19th Annual, deadline November 22, 2007



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