Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The first Christmas Card of 2007

You might recall that my inquiry to Catholic Charities of Milwaukee about where the money might be going got a prompt who wants to know reply. Today's mail brought a (pre-Advent!) Christmas card from them, with an enclosed fund solicitation. They take several major credit cards, monthly EFT from checking or savings accounts, or will bill on periodic pledges. Once again, I could give without stating an affilation or reason, even though they demanded that information before they would answer my question.

P.S. The Christmas Card includes a long list of ministries. Toward the bottom are
Just Faith Formational Workshops ... Catholic Campaign for Human Development ... Parish Social Ministry Support, Consultation and Coordination

I sometimes hear and read people who claim to be advocating Church teaching on social justice strictly distinguish justice and charity, but they don't appear to be distinguished by Catholic Charities.


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