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Mass Attendance, best and worst, by district

Following up on my earlier post, here are the parishes with the best and worst Sunday Mass attendance in each of the sixteen districts in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. I've included a few additional parishes where there appeared to be special circumstances, e.g., the first place parish had over 100% attendance or was very small.

I notice that downtown, Old St. Mary's has not only a higher attendance percentage, but higher attendance than the larger Cathedral parish. (see District 13)

I had noted in my earlier post that the Fr. Alan Jurkus has gone from being pastor of St. Monica (last place Distict 11) to St. Al's (last place District 16). Two years before, Fr. Richard Aiken went from being pastor at St. Al's to pastor of St. Sebastian (last place District 12). Maybe that's the system.

Might be interesting to look for correlations to attendance, good or bad: parish size, parish school, size of lay staff, MAPA membership of priests, etc.. It seems to help if the town is named after the church, see Districts 6 and 8.

District 1 [7 pp. pdf] (Kenosha County east of I-94)
First: St. James 147% [!] attendance (1,152/783).
Second: St. Elizabeth 56% (554/998).
Last: St. Mark 27% (1,430/5,390).

District 2 [7 pp. pdf] (Racine County east of I-94)
First, St. Patrick 47% (614/1,305)
Last [corrected]: Cristo Rey 15% (820/5,554)

District 3 [7 pp. pdf] (Walworth County and Kenosha & Racine Counties west of I-94)
First: St. Catherine-Sharon 66% (151/229)
Second: St. Benedict-Fontana 53% (1,330/2,511)
Last: St. Mary-Pell Lake 19% (325/1,713)

District 4 [7 pp. pdf] (Waukesha County east)
First: Good Shepherd, Menomonee Falls 45% (1,071/2,360)
Last: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton 27% (980/3,691)

District 5 [7 pp. pdf] (Waukesha County west)
First: St. John, Monches (Blessed Teresa) 50% (200/393)
Second: St. Catherine, Mapleton 48% (1,203/2,513)
Last: St. Joseph, Big Bend 25% (1,019/4,146)

District 6 [6 pp. pdf] (Washington County)
First: St. Michael, St. Michael 73% (467/638)
Second: St. Lawrence, St. Lawrence 61% (711/1,165)
Last: Immaculate Conception-St. Mary, West Bend 24% (790/3,242)

District 7 [7 pp. pdf] (Dodge County)
First: St. John the Baptist, Clyman 86% (172/201)
Second: Annunciation, Fox Lake 74% (526/711)
Last: St. Mary, Lomira 29% (317/1,092)

District 8 [6 pp. pdf] (Fond du Lac County)
First: St. Martin, Ashford 105% [!] (263/250)
Second: St. Mary, Marytown 71% (289/408)
Last: St. Joseph, Waupun 25% (294/1,160)

District 9 [6 pp. pdf] (Sheboygan County)
First: St. John Evangelist, Kohler 61% (725/1,193)
Last: SS. Cyril & Methodius 26% (214/821)

District 10 [6 pp. pdf] (Ozaukee County)
First: St. Mary, Lake Church-Belgium 41% (437/1,054)
Last: Holy Rosary, Fredonia 26% (438/1,660)

District 11 [6 pp. pdf] (Milwaukee County-Far North)
First: Our Lady of Good Hope 57% (1,255/2,205)
Last: St. Monica, Whitefish Bay 21% (1,419/6,773)

District 12 [6 pp. pdf] (Milwaukee County - Central Northwest)
First: Sacred Heart, Milwaukee 53% (396/741)
Last: St. Sebastian, Milwaukee 24% (1,128/4,669)

District 13 [6 pp. pdf] (Milwaukee County - Near north and lower eastside)
First: Old S. Mary 88% (1,032/1,174)
Second: Church of the Gesu 58% (1,834/3,151)
Fourth: Cathedral of St. John 55% (941/1,718)
Last: SS. Peter and Paul 29% (606/2,120)

District 14 [6 pp. pdf] (Milwaukee County - Near south side)
First: St. Anthony 144% [!] (1,906/1,323)
Second: St. Adalbert 74% (2,929/3,941)
Last: Our Lady of Guadalupe 24% (411/1,720)

District 15 [6 pp. pdf] (Milwaukee County - Far southeast side)
First: Our Lady Queen of Peace, Milwaukee 66% (950/1,446)
Last: St. John Kanty, Milwaukee 18% (242/1,353)

District 16 [6 pp. pdf] (Milwaukee County - Southwest)
First: (tie) St. John the Evangelist, Greenfield 57% (1,742/3,038)
First: (tie) Immaculate Heart of Mary, West Allis 57% (925/1,627)
Last: St. Alphonsus, Greendale 27% (2,365/8,817)

Update: The report of the recent renovation of All Saints Church said,
Church attendance and membership are up at the 560-family parish. So are Sunday collections. So are contributions to the building fund, which has raised about $430,000 in cash and pledges, said Father Carl Diederichs, the pastor who energized the renovation effort.

They might be, but the District 13 report says Mass attendance was 40% (441/1,103), and the 441 total attendance was less than the church's capacity of 500 (1,500 total at three Sunday Masses).


Blogger Dad29 said...

The 'orthodoxy effect' seems to be pronounced here.

5:54 PM  
Blogger diana said...

We were told at St Marys Hales Corners that mass attendance, though encouraged, wasn't necessary.

St James in Kenosha was a lovely parish when Fr Heuser was there. I have heard things may be changing.

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Mark Adams said...

It looks like in Racine Co. Cristo Rey (15%) is the lowest, not St. Edward (25%).

9:29 PM  
Blogger Terrence Berres said...

Mark Adams: I regret the error, which has been corrected. Thanks.

Diana: Surely you're mistaken, otherwise there'd be three errors in calling themselves a "Catholic Faith Community". Still, its better than St. Al's unpublicized policy to not encourage attendance.

6:24 AM  

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