Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Just doing his job

At Disputations, a summary of Fr. Bill Byrne's approach as chaplain during the time that, Father says, the Catholic Student Center at the University of Maryland saw Sunday Mass attendance triple:
"God loves us, and His Son is here in the tabernacle."

Can he turn and point to it when he says this? It would have to be somewhat different at St. Al's:
"...His Son is out the exit of the church, make two lefts, and go the the far side of the new chapel, in the tabernacle. On your way, please pick up your pledge card to help reduce the mortgage that built this."

Reminds me of a homilist who, for emphasis, turned around to point to the Crucifix, then realized there wasn't one.



Blogger TS said...

High-laire! I hope I take no schadenfreude in saying that.

9:41 AM  

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