Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thomas Aquinas

By the time Pius X died in 1914, the Vatican had in place two entirely different Thomisms, one broad and oriented to social questions, the other narrow and focused on capita that could not be debated. --Russell Hittinger, Two Thomisms, Two Modernities, First Things, June/July 2008

The reason there is nothing new to say is that there cannot, by the nature of the discussion, be anything new to say. When it came to the question "Does God exist?," St. Thomas could only think of two reasonable objections in the whole history of human thought. --Mark Shea, Padding the Case for the New Atheism (2008)

I know of no attempt on the part of Thomists to face this issue in a way that is proportionate to the need of their adversaries for patient dialectic, the answering of all objections, the offering of all possible arguments in forms which they will not think beg the question. At this point St. Thomas sets us an example we would do well to follow. I am thinking of the Summa contra Gentiles, especially in contrast to the Summa Theologica. We have been working with the latter as our model and then wondering why the gentiles of the present day are unmoved, except in the opposite direction. We can cherish the hope of re-working the Summa Theologica in forms appropriate to our age, but our immediate obligation is to do the work of the Contra Gentiles. I like to think that it is not an historical accident that St. Thomas wrote the Summa contra Gentiles first. --Mortimer J. Adler, St. Thomas and the Gentiles: The Aquinas Lecture, 1938, p. 20

Summa wrestlers, by Jeff Miller, The Curt Jester

Aquinas proves atheists are closer to God than they think by Brian Davies, The Times, January 13, 2007
(via Open Book)

Does the Cheese Stand Alone, by Becket, Shrine of Holy Whapping

Personal Singularity and the Communio Personarum: A Creative Development of Thomas Aquinas' Doctrine of Esse Commune, by Adrian J. Walker, Communio, Fall 2004

Whig vs. Augustinian Thomists, by Jeremy Beer, New Pantagruel, Spring 2004

Aquinas for the Democratic Age, by Robert Kraynak, review of Liberty, Wisdom, and Grace: Thomism and Democratic Political Theory, by John P. Hittinger, Claremont Review of Books, Spring 2004

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Ever Ancient, Ever New, review by John Saward of Christ’s Fulfillment of Torah and Temple: Salvation According to Thomas Aquinas, by Matthew Levering, Crisis, December 2002

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Thomas International

Christian Classics Ethereal Library: Thomas Aquinas

Hugh McDonald's Aquinas material

Thomas Aquinas, by Jacques Maritain, at Jacques Maritain Center

Thomistic Philosophy: The enduring thought of St. Thomas Aquinas, by Joseph Magee

Aquinas Center for Theological Renewal, Ave Maria College

Summa Cite, at Jacques Maritain Center


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