Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Tale of Two Priest-authors

Karen Mahoney reported Special to our Catholic Herald on books by Fr. Dennis Budka, pastor of Holy Family Catholic Community, Fond du Lac, and by Fr. Paul Stanosz, pastor of St. James Catholic Church here in Franklin.

Father Budka's book is a fantasy about a school for young superheroes.

Father Stanosz's book might be, as well.
"While seminary faculty members, bishops, and vocation directors privately bemoan the decline in intellectual aptitude and affective maturity of men entering the U.S. seminaries in recent years, they are reticent about saying anything publicly."

Meaning since he and Fr. Budka were ordained in 1984? Or since the seminary classes of 1970, the members of which had the highest incidence of sexual abuse of children?


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