Monday, January 29, 2007

sPAiN'S Labyrinth

at Church of the Masses, a movie review.
Question #3... Did Spain learn NOTHING at all from its tragic, terrible, hellish Civil War?

The answer, from watching Pan's Labyrinth is an emphatic "No." Sixty years later, this film sets the clock back to one-sided pillorying of the other side. Portrayals of "the other guys" as corrupt, barbaric, hypocritical, conniving and without the least humanizing quality is what got Spain into the Civil War in the first place. And then, the film borrows completely from the leftist mythology which is getting replayed in Spain today that the Church was in sympathy with Franco's attrocities.

My thinking is, it's never going to help a social debate to put all evil on the other guy's side. America is wallowing in radical polarization because it's been 150 years since we ended up killing each other in Civil War. Spain has really no excuse for this kind of short-term memory lapse.

From what I saw, I'd attribute the memory lapse to Spain's sleep-deprivation; it should start going to bed earlier.

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