Saturday, January 27, 2007

‘Knock Knock’ no joke for St. Catherine evangelizers

Alicia Ambrosio reported in our Catholic Herald.
Fr. Kern [Fr. Jack Kern, pastor] and his parishioners started going door to door this past May after parishioners Debbie Curtis and Mark Peters noticed that not many people from the neighborhood came to church and nobody seemed to want to extend an invitation.

Why didn't they come? Why didn't parishioners want to invite them? The article doesn't say.
The purpose of Knock Knock Ministry, as it came to be known, is to evangelize the neighborhood and the parish. However, the philosophy is that in order to evangelize, the evangelizers need to build a relationship with those they are hoping to evangelize. At the same time the evangelizers experience God’s Good News by sharing it with others.

So is this a Mark Peters knocking on the door with the Good News of salvation of their immortal souls? Or is this the Mark Peters who said he wasn't that concerned one way or the other? (Apostathy, you might call that; analogous to apatheism.)


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