Sunday, January 28, 2007

Journal Sentinel changing to serve you better

Editor Martin Kaiser reported on changes to Milwaukee's daily. To start, the pages will be 1/2 inch narrower.
...the new size has been popular with many readers because it makes the newspaper easier to handle.

So narrower is better but tabloid will always be bad?

Among the other claimed improvements
More local news as we continue to give greater focus to the Milwaukee metro area and Wisconsin - bringing you in-depth news and information you can't get anywhere else and a regional news digest highlighting news from your community.

Sounds like further retreat for what once tried to be a statewide newspaper.
A steady stream of high-impact public service journalism from a watchdog team of investigative reporters.

How about some reporting that helps avoid impacts like the County pension and Public Museum scandals?
A better designed newspaper - easier to read and find what interests you the most. Our body type is staying the same size, while our headline, photo caption and classified advertising type will be bolder and easier to read.

I'm hoping for fewer illustrative graphics bigger than the story they accompany.
A new, expanded Sunday Cue section, starting Jan. 28. It will combine the Cue section with the best of our Sunday Lifestyle section and personal technology news that appears in the Tuesday Journal Sentinel. The expanded Sunday Cue section will replace our Sunday Lifestyle section.

Somehow that sounds like the "increase" in the Chocolate ration in 1984.
We will do everything we can to make sure that the final result will be an improved Journal Sentinel.

If improved means lower production cost.


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