Thursday, January 18, 2007

Freedom, Liberation, Frigidity and Uptightness

This column by Fr. Ron Rolheiser ran in our Catholic Herald.
Within one generation, most people have stopped going to church, have cut the moral link between sex and marriage, and have gone from Bonanza to Sex and the City.

Now I have a picture of a curling iron setting fire to the View of the World from 9th Avenue revealing them riding in on four taxis.
"It's never too late. Never."
--Ben (Sarah Jessica Parker)

"I might just come to the dance and take a look at one of those big, raw-boned women!"
--Adam (Cynthia Nixon)

"Was she .... you know .... NEKKID?" .....
--Hoss (Kim Cattrall)

"Oh, no, ladies, you can't go in there!"
--Little Joe (Kristin Davis)

Update: Casting's done.


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