Thursday, January 4, 2007

Everything old is new again on WOKY

Tim Cuprisin reports in the Inside TV & Radio column in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,
As forecast right here in May, WOKY resurrected its old "Mighty 92" persona from the 1960s heyday of Top-40 AM radio on Tuesday. The station's new/old format focuses on the Beatles era and stretches into the early 1970s.

These old songs don't include anything from the 1950s, a decade that you won't find represented on Milwaukee radio. You'll have to consider one of the satellite radio services for stuff older than 1964.

Or check for a nursing home with Muzak's 50's and 60's hits.

P.S. Scott Fybush in his Travels with Scott column in Radio World reported History Is Alive and Well in Milwaukee. Read it and you'll know more about Milwaukee radio's past than Dave "some other guy" Berkman.


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