Sunday, December 31, 2006

Reading Rat December 2006

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Literature-Map - the tourist map of literature
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The Librarians Ultimate Guide to Search Engines at DegreeTutor
PrinterAnywhere: You can print certain file types directly from the web without having to install the software on your computer.
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Update: New Year's Resolution: Update Your Website by Frederick L. Faulkner IV
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Letter to the editor:
...would you recommend any particular resources for choosing the editions of these texts that are the 'standard' or most critically acclaimed editions?
Among the books in the Bibliography, Fadiman and Major's The New Lifetime Reading Plan, A Guide to Oriental Classics, Ward's A Lifetimes Reading, and Van Doren's The Joy of Reading comment on favored editions for each entry. Raphael and McLeish's The List of Books will sometimes critique editions. For criticisms of later editions, you might check the archives of book reviews, magazine book sections, and the following newspaper book sections:
Dallas News, Jerusalem Post, Independent, LA Times, The Age and NZ Herald
(Monday) Financial Times
(Tuesday) Washington Times
(Wednesday) Kirkus Reviews and Village Voice
(Friday) Haaretz
(Saturday) Guardian and Globe and Mail
(Sunday) Hindu Lit Rev, Telegraph, London Times, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Moscow Times, NY Times, SF Chronicle and Washington Post


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