Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Exceeding Our Expectations

Sara Smith and Lee Ann Bryce in the Wisconsin Council of Churches EcuNews [4 pp. pdf] (p. 3) report on the featured speaker at the 2006 Washington Island Forum.
...we mostly came to see her – The Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor – Episcopal priest, sought-after speaker and popular writer, parish minister, college professor, and last but not least, preaching goddess.

She spoke on "What the Body Knows: Christian Faith in Practice."
Our frenzied notescribbling would only be broken by the collective "ahhh" when she would find in each of us a home for yet another rich spiritual nugget...

After the speech,
She faithfully signed our books and answered our endless questions, even when we approached her awkwardly and tongue-tied, as groupies often do. ...

In retrospect,
... Her wisdom has worked its way into our sermons and spiritual practices, even as the preaching goddess worked her way into our hearts.


Blogger Dad29 said...

ah--but the BEST part was P. 4 of the PDF, wherein a Professor from our very own Seminary waxes eloquent about Easter Service rendered at an Episcopal church by a Lutheran...

1:50 PM  

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