Saturday, October 21, 2006

"Fathers" Cooper, Schramm, Mich, Massingale, and the Gays, Part One

Dad29 notes that the local priests union issued a press release on the upcoming statewide referenda.

Here's your chance to test your power of clairvoyance. In the the minutes of the priests union's December 13, 2005 meeting,
We have discussed the possibility of getting some issues out in front of the membership for discussion/action through our website. Steve Amann was asked to get the Alliance Bulletin Board Website cleared off; and then Dave Cooper would post a listing of topics and descriptions and notify the membership by email that guys should check out the website listings. The membership would be invited to comment and share opinions and state priorities. Among the issues was the new proposed legislation banning Gay Marriage in Wisconsin.

They have a committee examining the recent Vatican document on the unsuitablity of homosexuals for the priesthood. As you can see in the minutes of their March 13, 2006 meeting, they call this committee the "Witch Hunt Group".

Now, guess which way the press release says they went on the defense of marriage amendment referendum. Did they agree with the Wisconsin bishops who are in favor, or with Fr. Bryan Massingale who is opposed?

Check your answer against the press release [2 pp. pdf].


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