Saturday, October 28, 2006

Catholic women priests, banned by the Vatican, plan liturgy in city

Tom Heinen reports in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on the Call to Action national conference to be held here next month. The conference includes
...presentation of Call to Action's 2006 Leadership award to Cindy Sheehan ...

... an opening plenary address by Sister Joan Chittister on "A Spirituality for Our Times" ...

... a Eucharistic liturgy ...

or so it is called by Roman Catholic Womenpriests, who will present it. The article notes Archbishop Dolan's Catholic Herald column warning that neither the ordinations nor the purported Eucharist are valid. While claiming validity,
We know our orders are not licit; they are against (church) law. We are saying we want to confront the law," Meehan [Womenpriests spokeswoman Bridget Mary Meehan] said.

If our prayers are answered with Karen Marie Knapp off the sicklist, perhaps the post she is contemplating can address directly how to judge the appropriateness of these protest ordinations and this protest Eucharist.

Update: Mike caught the link.


Anonymous keith said...

I actually attended one of those "Eucharistic lituries" that Catholic Womenpriests celebrated.

When invited, I made it clear that I did not intend to take communion, and my friend (who thinks she's a priestess) assured me that it would be okay if I didn't.

But when the time came for "communion" I actually partook!

Why on earth would a conservative Catholic like me do such a thing?

Simple. The "eucharistic liturgy" was VERY VERY VERY FAR from anything even resembling a Sacrament of the Church, or of any church!

It was more like just sitting around with a few wacky friends, chatting up a bit, singing a few wacky songs, eventually bringing around some stuff to munch on.

It wasn't a parody of Mass. There was a sort-of blessing at one point, but it was nothing similar to a consecration. No anamnesis or epiclesis. No words of institution.

So... I assume when these self-appointed priestesses come to Milwaukee, their little party will be as completely irrelevant and uneventful as the hootenanny I attended in Chicago.

Feel free to be amused by them!

12:31 PM  
Blogger Karen Marie said...

Pain and Percocet doesn't do much to enhance the ability to compose multiple coherent paragraphs, but your query only needs a couple of sentences.

There can be no true Eucharist outside of the communion of the Church. And the "river ordained" are most definitely that. Besides, the Holy Eucharist is severely abused when used to make political points --- by _anybody_.

karen marie

1:09 PM  
Anonymous keith said...

Your point is True, Karen Marie.

And I think it succinctly re-iterates mine.

I am far more amused by these women than I am scandalized. They are so far from the Truth that they abuse only themselves.

The Eucharist is safe, because their silly antics don't even approximate or parody the Sacrament!

3:54 PM  

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