Monday, October 16, 2006

2006 Leadership Convocation Tending the Lord's Vineyard

At the Archdiocese of Milwaukee web site
The Parish Leadership Conference, "Tending the Lord's Vineyard," will take place Saturday, October 21, 2006 at the Archbishop Cousins Catholic Center.

Unless the realtors schedule a showing for a prospect?

Before you click to the link to the program [3 pp. pdf], consider that the file is 11 megabytes, so it could take a while. Odd that we can have parishes without web sites yet the folks at the Archdiocese assume everyone had a connection so fast that there'd be no problem downloading this. The document's only three pages so the enormous file size apparently is due to the vineyard graphic and the color photo of featured speaker Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson, Arizona.

My personal favorite among the workshops is "Tasting & Sharing the Wine: Re-Evangelizing the Faithful".

We all know someone who is missing at the Table, someone who once joined us at Sunday Mass. Perhaps they are searching elsewhere for direction and answers in their lives. Perhaps they have no time. Maybe they do come but go away unnoticed or ignored. In this workshop we will discuss the meaning we "taste" through the Word of God and ways we can share that "living wine" of faith at home, in our work places, neighborhoods and larger communities. Evangelization is everyone's responsibility.

When I "discerned" for Parish Council ten years ago, I raised the issue of getting more parishioners to attend Mass. My then-pastor and the Director of Adult Ministry had panicked responses on why that did not need to be addressed. As I've noted before, years later a parish insider clued me in that the real but unstated parish policy was to not try to get attendance up because that would mean more work. With the benefit of that insight, the way the parish was run made sense.

Maybe someone can let me (or Mike) know if devangelization is the real archdiocesan policy as well.



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